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What's optimal for you?

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

Hello, how are things with you? We've got a New Moon in Virgo right around the corner, so if you're feeling the urge to clean obsessively, do a hard-core detox *and* fix the world all at the same time, you are totally in sync with the cosmic energies out there ;) 

Optimal for YOU

Luckily for us, Virgo energy goes far beyond being obsessed about cleanliness and small details. In the big picture, Virgo is concerned with what's essential and what's optimal. Nothing lacking, nothing extraneous, everything working together beautifully. 

So at this New Moon, use these questions as a guide to focus your intentions:

  • what is the essence of X (e.g. project, relationship, situation)?
  • what needs to happen and/or be stripped away for X to function optimally?
  • what can you detox from your life to bring it into greater alignment with what you want?

Do note that this is not about minimalism nor necessity. The keyword is optimal, and that differs from situation to situation, from person to person. What's going to work for *you*? Also, keep in mind that what was once optimal, may no longer be so.

By the way, the planets are also nicely lined up for makeovers and being especially social over the next couple of weeks, so if you've been 'in hiding', it's time to get yourself out there! (My pragmatic side would just like to say that this is BIG energy, so don't do anything you cannot look back on with laughter.)

Drop me a mail if you'd like to share something or have any questions. I do read each email, even if it takes a while for me to get back to you :)

Have fun with this New Moon, and do not over-think things! 




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