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Akashic Record Reading

Get your Soul Profile from the Akashic Records

What’s an Akashic Record Reading?

There are actually different types of Akashic Record readings that can be done, based on the kind of information that is channelled from the Akashic Records. (The Akashic Records is an energetic database which contains all there is to know about our souls, events etc. through eternity.)

This particular reading, which I call a Soul Portrait, is a specific type of Akashic Record reading that gives you a profile of your soul—much like an MBTI or Enneagram for your soul! It helps you get to know your Soul on a more intimate level—clarifying your soul purpose so that you can identify paths for yourself; it also puts things into perspective and validates your life experiences.

Creating awareness around this can change the way you see your life; what has passed, what is and what could be.

Who you are as a soul doesn't change, so this is a reading you’ll only need to do once.

But the real question is… Are you ready for it? Because there is no turning back. The more awareness you have of your Soul, the more connected you are to your Soul, the less you'll be willing to make unhappy compromises.

After your reading, if you choose to settle for a life that is less than what you want, it could be more painful than whatever feelings of 'lost' or 'stuck' you are having right now.

It’s not that everything will be perfect and run smoothly after your reading. Being human, we’ll always have challenges, that’s part of being here. But knowing yourself at soul level means you’ll always have a powerful anchor that gives you clarity and inner strength.

New insights, helpful advice

I wanted some help figuring out directions for my career and my love life but I was afraid that a Soul Portrait might not be worth my money. However, the very detailed explanation about my soul origin, my past lives, and the life lessons I have to learn was useful. Being well-explained helps me to understand the concepts better and see their practical uses in my life. It'd be nice to perhaps have more readings into relationships (love, family, friends, workmates), but the soul reading gives new insights on one's life journey. The advice is really helpful. —JP Abellera, 45, film production

That said, I cannot emphasise enough how this is not for you if:

  • you need/want a financial advisor, medical professional, technical help, psychiatrist, therapist or counsellor
  • you want to hear that you're psychic or ‘more special’ than everyone else
  • you're a reading junkie i.e. you frequently get readings but don't do anything about what you learn


A Soul Portrait gives you an overview of your innate gifts, strengths and challenges at the soul level, as well as the specific areas you chose to focus on in this lifetime. You'll:

  • Get clear on where to focus your attention and energy
  • Increase self-awareness, self-acceptance and understanding
  • Understand why you’ve had certain experiences and challenges
  • Learn where you have a unique perspective
When I got my first reading, it was out of curiosity. Honestly, I was still a little sceptical after. But I learnt a big lesson and also looked into using my intuition more. Now, 10 years later, it has led me to the path of self-awareness, mindfulness and being kinder, which is the journey I’m on right now. I like that the PDF reading is clear and simple, like a friend talking to you. Every time I go back to read it, I find a new revelation. Fang, 40s, Media Professional

Choose from these readings

  • All readings are delivered by email, as PDF files. The report is written in Inter, size 12 font.
  • Lengths stated are the absolute minimum possible length. Many reports are around 1.5x this length.
  • Turnaround time depends on the reading you get.
  • Refer to the chart below for the sections that go into each report.






Soul group

Energy centre

Soul Specialisation(s)


A glimpse into past life influences



Natural gifts

Life lessons, life focus


Energetic blocks

Energetic alignment

Divine energies

Higher self, spirit guides

25-minute online consultation

PDF (min.length)

≥ 2 pages

≥ 8 pages

≥ 14 pages

Note: Current turnaround time is about 3~5 days for the Core reading and more for the Essential and In-Depth readings. This is based on when I receive your complete details.

There are four main sections in a full (In-Depth) reading:

  • SOUL. The eternal part of you that doesn't change from lifetime to lifetime
    • Your Soul Group of Origin: Where your soul came from. If you're unfamiliar with this concept, you can learn about it here
    • Your Energy Centre of Training: The energies you bring into this lifetime, what you are driven to express
    • Your Soul Specialisations between Incarnations: The work you do as a soul between lifetimes on earth
  • PAST. A glimpse of your past life influences: A snapshot of eras and traditions that have helped your soul to grow in past lifetimes
  • THIS LIFETIME. The specific areas of focus, gifts and challenges your soul chose for this lifetime.
    • Your Life Lessons: The primary lesson you chose to work on in this lifetime. The dominant secondary one.
    • Your Archetypes: Additional soul gifts you have in this lifetime. These reinforce or support existing qualities, or could bring in something new.
    • Your Natural Gifts. Your intuitive and empathic gifts (if any) and the strongest one at the moment.
  • CURRENT SITUATION. An analysis of your energies and those around you.
    • Energetic Blocks: Surfacing and clearing of energetic blocks created at the soul level. Note: this works for blocks that are more 'superficial', but may not be as effective on blocks that are deeply ingrained.
    • Energetic Alignment: How aligned you are with your desired outcomes
    • Divine Energies: Any Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels around you
    • Spirit Guides: The number of spirit guides in your team and a message from them
    • Higher Self: Your connection to your higher self
Refer to the chart above to see the different segments in the Core, Essential and In-Depth readings.
I'm usually apprehensive about trying out new things and testing out new concepts, but I'm glad I took the leap. The clarity and new perspectives I took away from Julia's reading were what I enjoyed the most. Different information came together like jigsaw puzzle pieces and I was able to get a better and clearer picture of where I am at, on a spiritual/soul level. Particularly intrigued by my spirit guides and their message to me, this is always what I look forward to the most whenever Julia reads for me. —B. Lam, 40s

Can't decide which reading to get? Here's what I recommend.

The heart of the Akashic soul profile reading is your soul group and your energy centre of training because they reveal the very core of who you are as a soul. These are fundamental, relative to everything else.

Hence, the Core reading. Get this if:

  • you're mainly curious about your soul group
  • you only want to learn about the most important aspects of your soul
  • you're not sure "what's this Akashic stuff about" and want to have a peek without making too much of a commitment

In the Essentials reading, on top of what's in the Core reading, you'll get to learn about the life lessons you chose and have a glimpse into significant past influences. You'll also get a message from your spirit guides.

This is for you if:

  • you want to get a broader perspective, more context, so to speak
  • you are curious about your soul's experiences as well as its choices for this lifetime
  • you'd like to hear from your spirit guides

Finally, the In-Depth reading. This adds nuance to the abovementioned sections and offers insights into your energy flows. It's best when:

  • you want to proactively make changes in your life
  • you are commited to doing both self-work and self-care
  • you have goals but feel stuck, even though you have 'tried everything'

Trust your gut and pick what feels good to you 🙂

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I've had a similar kind of Akashic Reading done before, but it didn't cover some of these things. Can I do another reading?

Please get in touch with the Soul Level information you already have, as well as the segments you're interested in.

In general, I don't check Soul Level information for someone who already has it because you'd get less relevant information which is not useful.

I'd like a reading. How do we do this?

  1. Use the button above to purchase the reading you want.
  2. I’ll email you within 1-2 business days for the details I need from you. (Add julia [at] to your contact list to make sure you get my emails.)
  3. Reply with your details.
  4. I’ll let you know when you can expect to receive your reading.

I'm in Singapore. Can I make payment via PayNow instead?

Sure! PayNow is available as an option when you reach the payment stage.