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Dress Up, Strap In and Go!

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

New Moon in Leo

Happy New Moon in Leo!  How are you doing? Did your pace of life kick up a notch or two in the last couple of weeks?

With the Leo New Moon, what you can do for a quick pick-me-up is to glam things up a bit, e.g. if you've been feeling that your personal style has been a bit low-key or lacklustre, here's your chance to ramp your look up a little. Go a little more lux, get a little bit more glitter—whatever you think jazzes up your style. Doesn't mean you have to go on a shopping/beauty/home decor rampage (of course you can if you want to), the point is more to discover what you're drawn to right now, what gives you inspiration, and then use these insights to give yourself a little lift.

Frankly, there's not that much new stuff to report per se, the theme of Momentum+Acceleration as mentioned last month, is holding for the next few months. So the real question I'm focusing on, is how we can best work with it from month to month.

Right now is a good time to set up structures, systems, guidelines, and boundaries in a loose, supportive way.

Basically, you'd want to have enough of such things to support your values and the activities that bring you closer to your goals, but not so much that you complicate things or end up restricting yourself from progress.

Do put aside a little bit of time to do this, because by the next New Moon, challenges to whatever exists will show up.

Think of it this way: better to identify, or even better, streamline or eliminate, ideas/processes that aren't working for you right now, when the pressure is not intense. This also sets you up to more be open to insights and creative ideas along the way. The challenges will still come, but at least you've done what preparation you can, and worked yourself to a better position before the shit hit the fan ;)

For greatest impact, look at the Leo and Sag areas of your chart and see what you can do there.

What might feel challenging these few months is that the pace just doesn't quite let up. The stars are in one-thing-after-another, go-go-go!~ mode, even when Mercury goes retrograde (Aug. 30). This kind of pace works well for some people, they thrive on it, even if they feel tired at the end of the day. Others, not so much. It's not a matter of competency or lack thereof, it's just that they prefer a less breathless pace. Which mode is more you? Remember that neither mode is better than the other, both have their upsides and downsides, depending on the context. 

What is important is to acknowledge who you are at the core, even if you don't get to be in that mode 100% of the time.

If you're the go-go-go type, take on all the stuff you want to, but also take time out from all your 'things', even if it's just for a couple of hours, to slow down and/or let off some steam.

If you're in slowly-steadily camp, create breathing space for yourself by remembering that you have the option to say 'no', 'later', and 'maybe' in many situations. 

London       9:45 PM, Aug 2
New York     4:45 PM, Aug 2
Singapore    4:45 AM, Aug 3
Tokyo        5:45 AM, Aug 3
(set your intentions at/after the new moon)

Food for Thought
Forgot where I read this, but thought it's a helpful framework to think through situations/things that already exist: "Imagine you had a clean slate. If you had to decide to do/choose X today, would you want to? If yes, how would you do it, and could you start doing that now? If not, ask yourself why are you still doing it?"

What do you think? Do share your thoughts!

Also, a gentle reminder that Next Steps Sessions are available since you've already had your Soul Portrait done. Drop me a note if you're curious.

Till the next new Moon :)




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