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Create New Ways of Thinking

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
2 min read

Happy New Moon~ How are you doing today? :) 

New Moon in Gemini

There are a couple of interesting planetary configurations this New Moon. One pattern sets the stage for stability and practical action, while the other is looking for adaptability, let's-wing-it action.

It appears that these energies are in conflict, but I personally believe that some stability actually gives you the freedom to adapt as you move along. Of course, how much and what kind of stability each person needs is different, and varies depending on what stage of life they're in, so the trick is to find the right-for-you stability, taking into consideration your own character and life situation. 

Cosmically, the latter wing-it energy is kind of stuck however, due to:

  • conflicting values, goals, ideas
  • information overload
  • overly ambitious 'next steps' (not the vision/goal itself)
  • lack of clarity and/or direction

In the worst case scenario, things could grind down to an impasse, in which case, give it a couple of weeks.

That said, it's a really good time to make some breakthroughs if you are willing to put in some time and energy to lay some foundation that will support you in future.

Here's what I plan to do, try it if you like!

  1. Before the New Moon, ask: What feels stuck? What lessons seem to keep coming up for me? Try to get specific. Make a list.
  2. At or after the New Moon, ask: which 2-4 items on my list, if they were to start becoming unstuck, would give me the most inner peace? 
  3. For these items, are there any misalignments in terms of expectations, values, goals, identity etc. that are holding me back? Misalignments indicate that these aspects needs at least a small tweak in order to get unstuck. e.g. I'm lazy and would never be able to exercise 5x a week → I exercise once a week cos I want to be healthier.
  4. Before finalising your 2-4 items, do a quick check:
    • Is this something that is within my control? Can I actually do something about it? (e.g. I can't control how others choose to think or behave)
    • Could it be that it'd be better for me to bide my time for now? (Set a date to revisit this item.)
  5. Analyse each item. Are they better supported by creating habits or setting goals? Goals have an end-point, and you wouldn't expect to do it consistently once you've hit your goal. With habits, the target is the habit itself, and there's no foreseeable endpoint (for now at least).
  6. Identify the next step for each item.
    • For goals, make sure it is a clear and doable step.
    • For habits, it's more about setting up your environment and schedule to support you, so make those decisions.
    • If it's hard to identify the next step because of information overload, either ask someone you trust, or limit your research time and pick one small action. You'll know better once you'd done that.
    • Some people work better breaking things down step by step, while others prefer to block out a solid block of time and work through something without much prior planning. Do whatever works best for you!

Since the New Moon is in Gemini, this is your opportunity to refresh yourself and your life by taking on new ways of thinking, so make full use of it when doing this exercise. 

London       4 AM, June 5
New York     11 PM, June 4
Singapore    11 AM, June 5
Tokyo        12 PM, June 5
(set your intentions at/after the new moon)

Hit reply and let me know what you're working on, what you came up with, and/or if you would like some ideas :)

Till the next new Moon!~ 




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