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What's happening in your laboratory?

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

The Laboratory of Life

Happy Aquarian New Moon! How are you getting along with 2015 so far?

The big news this month, is that we're getting TWO Aquarian New Moons this year. It's not really important when we get two New moons or Full moons within a calendar month, because the Gregorian calendar we all use, while useful, has very little to do with the cycles of nature, so there's not much power/impact there energetically (with a couple of exceptions).

However, it is significant when we get two New Moons in the same sign because by default, that means that the first one will land right at the start of the sign, and the next one will fall right at the end of the sign (each sign has 30 degrees, from zero to twenty-nine) This gives us a complete lunar cycle, all within Aquarius.

And if you remember, anything landing right where the sign starts is important because it asks us to consider our contribution and connection to society at large—what's your place in this world? How do you want to express yourself into the world out there? 

That said, now's not really the time for navel-gazing. Aquarius is not a heavy, ponderous sign. Aquarian energy is inventive, innovative and revolutionary. It doesn't do evolution. Only quantum leaps. 

What does this all mean in practical terms? Well, you probably know that I love experiments. And for the next 29-ish days, we have an almost perfect planetary backdrop to do some experiments. Take 10 minutes to do this:

  1. Forget about logic for a bit.
  2. Pick a vision. Make it big. (Btw, it's not big until it feels impossible.)
  3. Write down three to five topics/people that you are feeling curious about. They don't have to be related to your vision in any way.
  4. For each item, write down an experiment you can do around it. It can be a one-off, or something you do several times. A good experiment would be something that can be done, and makes you feel 75~80% excited, 20~25% scared/terrified ;)
  5. Do the experiments.
  6. Track the results. 
  7. Repeat #3~6 once a week, if not more often.
  8. Bonus: send me the results of your experiments!

I know this exercise seems utterly random, and I can guarantee you that you'll start to question yourself (and probably my sanity ;)). I'll tell you upfront, this is not something where you'll see any sort of results right off the bat, especially with Mercury going retrograde soon (see below). It's something that you'll look back on years later, and realise that this was when the seeds were planted. And really, you can do this exercise whenever you like, but I do like how the planets are aligned for this right now.

So, for the next 29-ish days, make your vision your anchor, be receptive to inspirational nudges, and if you feel stuck, ask yourself, "What is the craziest sensible thing <insert your muse> would do?"

Heads Up: Mercury Retrograde

We're also heading into a few weeks of Mercury Retrograde right after this New Moon, and I thought it'd be useful for you to have the dates for the whole of 2015:

  • 22 January - 12 February
  • 19 May - 12 June
  • 18 September - 10 October

It's worth taking note of these dates, simply as a reminder for yourself that Mercury is in retrograde, so:

  1. pay extra attention to the little details
  2. bring some zen into your daily life

These two things will go a long way in easing any tension/stress during this period. The main thing I actively avoid is signing contracts, though if you had started negotiations before entering this period, all you need to do is refer to #1. (If Mercury Retrograde is new to you, get the lowdown here.)

Drop me an email and let me know how you're doing!




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