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What anchors you

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

How have you been? If you're one of those hit hard by the Pressure Cooker Astro, hang in there. It's challenging for sure, but if you give yourself the chance to step up, when you come out at the other end, you'd have discovered that you're more amazing than you ever imagined you could be. That's what I'm telling myself anyway ;) 

That said, remember to give yourself permission to flop onto the bed, or whatever works for you, to regroup and recharge. This astro, though demanding, is not about push till you drop. It's as much about saying 'stop', 'no', or 'wait'. That goes for everyone, challenging astro or not.

It's a good time to remind yourself about what anchors you, what keeps you centred. Especially when things get a little crazy. Keep reminders of your anchors around you e.g. post-it on the computer, photo on the phone etc., so that you'd remember to think of them, or to do them. It *is* a really small thing, but when life gets hectic, having these anchor reminders around us help to keep our eye/mind/heart on the big picture. 

Get grounded with this New Moon 

This month, we have the Taurean New Moon, a gorgeous one for our virtually connected 24/7 lives. It's all about the physical. Think along the lines of touch, texture and comfort.  

So, in the spirit of the Taurean New Moon, do something that gets you in touch with your body in the next couple of days to soak up some of this very grounding energy. It can be as simple as spending an extra 10 minutes to give yourself a massage before you go to bed.

By the way, if you're feeling stuck or lacking clarity around some issue at the moment, let it stew for two or three more days (if you can), before going back to it. You might discover some new insights then. 

As usual, stay in the energy of Innovation and Revolution! :) Till the next New Moon~




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