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Up for some reinvention?

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! It is a powerful New Moon for a reset, to start something off, so let's make the most of it.

Tap into this New Moon's energy:

  • Articulate your vision, part 2. Last month, you created your mid-to-long term vision. Now, detach from that vision, and look at it through the eyes of a friend. Then, a mentor. People you admire. Qualities you aspire to. What questions would they ask? If they all sat around and had a chat with each other, what would they say? (Part 1 is here if you want to do it.)
  • Do a 'Wild Ideas' journal entry. Let your imagination run wild and put down all those things you have always wanted to do but felt they were too weird, too crazy, too wild, too 'not me'. Doesn't matter if it's a list or a stream-of-consciousness ramble, the idea is to get it all down somewhere. Revisit later to uncover some gems by analysing your thoughts (e.g. why do I believe that thinking X is weird? is it a false belief?) and/or getting inspired (e.g. maybe X isn't that crazy, maybe I can try it!). Also great for getting insights into what inspires you.
  • Try an obscure sport. Okay, this one's kind of out there, but that's what Aquarius is about—doing something unusual. Even if sports is not really your thing, think along the lines of doing something you "don't get". This will help you get your creative on, and you may even innovate a thing/process/method/mindset that makes your life better. 

Aquarius is ruled by both electrifying and innovative Uranus and structure-oriented, "reap what you sow" Saturn. Knowing that, doing the Aquarian vibe is all about living out the paradox between being the expert and seeing with fresh eyes, depending on a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience yet approaching things with a beginner's mind. 

In this respect, I love that the Chinese New Year is always at the Aquarian New Moon—it's prime cosmic alignment for bringing your learnings from the past year and setting things up for yourself to start afresh.

Other Points of Note

Bubbles of truth (now till February 10-ish)
More insights and expansive lessons from your inner worlds come bubbling up to the surface. You may already have a sense of what they are, especially if you have been doing the deep-dive self-exploration since last month. If yes, they crystallise and the core of these issues become much clearer. The solutions won't be obvious at the moment, but they'll start coming through mid-March. Even so, this is about growth, so it may not exactly be comfortable. See it as a journey, instead of a one-off to-do to check off your list.

Relationships: press 'pause' (February 21-25)
Relationships may experience some hiccups during this period due to unpleasant realisations (it was always there, but people were in denial), discoveries (new information comes to light), or simply vibe weird—like you're out of sync. Chill, take some time and space to centre yourself, find what's true to you.

Getting to Know You

[Last month: Did you find out if you were an Obliger, a Questioner, an Upholder or a Rebel? (Four Tendencies Quiz here)]

Keeping with the Aquarian spirit of making breakthroughs, this month, I'm wondering: what you would invent if you had all the resources you needed and you knew you wouldn't fail? Or what do you wish was invented?

Many years ago, I wished that there was a soundproof, padded booth that I could go into, let off some steam by bouncing around in it while screaming my head off, and then exit blissed out with stress levels back down to 'low' ;) Recently, I would really love to have some sort of detector that would let me know if a pair of shoes would hurt or not before I bought them. Totally random, I know. I wish for many things every day lol. What about you?  

Curious to hear what you'd say! 

Till the next new moon~


p.s. share this with your friends if you think they might enjoy it :)



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