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Unearth hidden truths

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

This month, we have the New Moon in Scorpio. A New Moon in Scorpio can be extra intense, but this time round it's balanced by the other planets for a softer energy, it could be quite lovely!

Tap into Scorpio's investigative, regenerative energy:

  • Freewrite, journal, talk to yourself. Block out at least 30 minutes and get yourself to a space where you won't be interrupted. It doesn't matter what the actual content is (for now), keep writing/talking. You'll uncover some insights—hidden, repressed emotions/thoughts, useful ideas to help you expand your life, etc. If you don't get anything out of this, I highly recommend doing morning pages (email me if you don't know what that's about). By the way, when I say 'talk to yourself', I mean literally talk out loud—writing on paper doesn't seem to work well for some, so try this instead.  
  • Get emotionally intimate. Share your secret dreams and fears with someone you trust. This is also an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with someone you care about. A word of warning though, Scorpio deals in what's hidden, and uncovering it. It is as much about truth, as it is about lies. For this conversation to improve your relationship, you both can only have this convo when you have been brutally honest with yourselves in the first place, and also make sure you perceive the truth of what's really being said.
  • Curl up in bed with a mystery novel. Nothing like a good mystery novel to get the brain juices flowing. Who knows, this may spark some interesting ideas for you.
  • Swimming pool meditation. Jumping off that last idea, you could go to the swimming pool, hug your knees, then float and meditate for as long as you can hold your breath. You don't even have to meditate, really. Just be there, enjoy the sensations. Very regenerative, very Scorp. 

Other Points of Note

Take care of nagging tasks (Nov 12~13)
A good time to take care of irksome little tasks and errands that you must do at some point, especially if they have anything to do with red tape or business. Not that they'll become a bundle of fun, but things should move along fairly smoothly, unless you're arrive unprepared. Best thing to do: make a loose plan, gather all the things you'd need, and then systematically knock those tasks off your list. Think about how good you'll feel once you have them off your plate! :)

Revisit plans you've made (Nov 23~26)
You may get new information, acquire knowledge or have insights that could impact your original plans. I'm talking about concrete plans that are about to be put into action, or that are already in progress, not those 'One day, I will...' plans. Do a quick review and see if anything can be improved or needs to be changed based on what you now know. Look out especially for wishful thinking and hidden assumptions

Chill out (Dec 2-8)
Could be a challenging period when tensions run high. Stay calm, and do not be the one who starts the fight no matter what. Buy time, and also see if there are any unusual or less common solutions you can explore. 

Getting to Know You

Thinking about Scorpio had me thinking about irrational fears... In my case, lizards completely freak me out, nothing makes me run in the opposite direction faster. Also, once in a blue moon, I worry that I'd die alone, and be eaten by my cats. The truth is, I can't really enjoy our furry friends' company because of my allergies. What about you? What irrational fears do you have?

Well, that's it for this New Moon :) What insights did you get at this New Moon? Drop me a line and let me know. I read all your emails, even if it takes a while for me to reply.


p.s. if you have a friend who might find these helpful, please forward this email to them :)



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