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Dress Up, Strap In and Go!

New Moon in Leo Happy New Moon in Leo!  How are you doing? Did your pace of life kick up a notch or two in the last couple of weeks? With the Leo New Moon, what you can do for a quick pick-me-up is to glam things up a bit,

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It's Lights, Camera, Action!

New Moon in Cancer Say hello to the New Moon! :) The KEY thing to note is that whichever life area that's been feeling stuck since mid-April, it is getting a move on from now, so get your gear on and be ready to make some moves. Momentum is

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Create New Ways of Thinking

Happy New Moon~ How are you doing today? :)  New Moon in Gemini There are a couple of interesting planetary configurations this New Moon. One pattern sets the stage for stability and practical action, while the other is looking for adaptability, let's-wing-it action. It appears that these energies are