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Tuning In

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

So... how was August? Any revelations, breakthroughs or epiphanies?

Some time back, I started noticing that epiphanies et al, don't come with a drum roll, thunder or lightning anymore. My theory is, when I wasn't tuned into my Higher Self or Guides, all that drama was necessary to get my attention. But the more I tune in, the less drama there is. Sometimes I almost miss it because it's so subtle. The inner WOW is still huge, just the "Hey, Epiphany Here!" sign is missing.

I have to remember to pay attention... some ways to do it: take a mini-time out, go for a walk by yourself, unplug from the Internet, or unplug during your commute, write it out, take a looooong shower (with loads of moisturizer after). What's your experience with this? What do you do to pay attention? Do share!

Looks like this month's newsletter is all about epiphanies...

The Quick Version

  1. No more Astrology & Tarot readings
  2. Different types of Soul Realignment readings

The Long, Slightly Ranty Story

Astrology and tarot are generally perceived to be about prediction and fate. I see them as tools for inner work and empowerment. Tools that help us to harness energies within and around us. Sure, certain energies (very few actually) may have been pre-determined, but energy is transmutable, and it is up to us to transform it.

In its current form, there's a huge gap between what I offer and what some clients expect. Such readings make me feel totally out of integrity, so they are off the table. They might come back when I'm able to communicate the value I see in them. I don't want to create services that don't empower people, while talking about making choices in line with our values.

So what does Soul Realignment™ offer that astrology and tarot don't? Personally, it significantly changed my perspective on how I live my life, and gave me insight into the experiences I have had thus far. My reading also cleared a big block for me at that time - that's the bit I love most - that it clears soul level blocks (no can do in astrology/tarot). Of course I had to work on the issue too, but having that block cleared really jumpstarted things for me. It's something I sincerely feel everyone should do once. I've even happily introduced people to other practitioners when I couldn't read for them, or we weren't a good match for a reading! (Don't feel shy about contacting me if that's what you want :))

Ultimately, it is about your journey, not your destiny. If you are attached to your destiny, the only thing I can offer you is that there is only one destiny for everyone, rich, poor, happy, sad, fat or thin. At the end of the day, will you be satisfied that your choices expressed your journey to its fullest potential? In a way, it isn't even particularly important what you did on your journey. The important question is: How did you do it? Were you 100% true to your heart & soul?

Update-y Stuff

The fee for a Soul Reading is going up a little, but since you are a lovely Pioneer Subscriber, up till the end of October, you and your favourite people will get:

  1. the Soul Profile & Clearing at the current price ($189/-)
  2. all new readings at 10% off

Drop me an email if you are interested or have any questions.

Thanks for your attention as always. Have a wonderful September~ Remember it's still all about (r)evolution, and evolving YOUR way! :)

Love & Light,

"Revolution is a word that people use only when you are successful. Before that, you're just a quirky person who does things differently." —Derek Sivers

Do you have some favourite lines? Share them!

This month's offer

What's Your "Clair"? »

You've probably heard of clairvoyance. But did you know there's also clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience? Wouldn't you like to know what's your strongest "clair"?

All you have to do:

  1. Reply to this email before Sunday, September 30.
  2. Send your Full Name+Date of Birth.
  3. Check your inbox a couple of days later :)


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