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Take a Breather

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

How has the new year been treating you? Did you make A Plan for Transformation last month? How's that coming along?

You might be relieved to hear that this month, you get a brief respite from the energies of massive transformation and innovation. Even though those energies are still out there (they will be for quite a while), you get a bit of a breather to focus your attention on observing the patterns in your life, and tweaking for balance and harmony. Consider:

  • How do you want the various aspects of your life come together?
  • How could everything mesh together beautifully for you? 

Remember, balance and harmony not only look different for each individual, it also looks different as you go through different stages of your life. It comes down to what works for *YOU* at this point in time. 

Mercury Retrograde

Also, if you've heard that Mercury Retrograde is coming up between February 6 to 28, you're right. It typically means delays in communication, but there's no need to freak out (how it shows up in your life really depends on your personal chart - here's a more detailed take on it if you're interested). My rule of thumb is to be extra patient and not to begin long-term commitments during this time. 

In fact, Mercury Retrogrades are traditionally a good time for reflection and review, and this particular one will be good for epiphanies, so keep a look out for sudden flashes of insight over the next month or so. Drop me an email to share what you discover!

Finally, to those of you celebrating the Lunar New Year, may the Year of the Horse bring you good health and great happiness!




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