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Set the Stage for 2014

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

My sincere apologies for being late this New Moon, I miscounted the days, silly me!

Astrologically, it's going to be an interesting couple of months. Here are a few things to keep your eye on for the rest of December:

  • Whatever you're focusing on this month, think expansively. Don't hold back. Don't worry about how at first. Have a big-picture vision, and just focus on the next 3 things you can do to take things in the direction of your vision. Loose structure is good. Over-planning is a waste of time.
  • Areas of your life that need decluttering, organising, streamlining - not just things, also responsibilities, people - this energy is still around but is dying down. Make the most of it and do what you need to do before 15 December!
  • Which area of your life do you want to give life to? First, write down what you typically do to 'handle' things in this life area. Then, brainstorm those actions that can help, but are so-not-you. It is the perfect time to do something that is not typically you. It doesn't have to be a drastic or dramatic action - it's just something that you wouldn't normally do. Observe what happens. What do you learn from the experience?

Heads Up

All that stuff is to get you set for the next New Moon - it's not going to be an easy one. Some of you will feel it more even before it really kicks in, so a couple of early tips:

  • if you want to get things done, decide that you will chug along steadily.
  • if you hit a wall, or get hit with a tonne of bricks, give yourself a moment to self-soothe, then get up and start again. 

It is also on January 1st itself, so if you like setting New Year Resolutions, spend some time before that setting your intentions and set them right at the New Moon (11:14 AM UTC).

For those who aren't so keen on doing New Year resolutions, you can think of a couple of themes instead, and then use the New Moons to set intentions. That's what I usually do, because frankly, I'm terrible at keeping New Year resolutions!

How are things going with you? Email me and let me know how I can help! 




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