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Release & Renew

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
2 min read

It's a pretty exciting New Moon this month - it's hanging out with Jupiter and Mercury (retrograde) in Cancer, and creating beautiful connections to Neptune and Saturn.

A great time to work with intentions around:

  • your home - envision a true sanctuary, and start putting it into place after July 21 when Mercury goes direct. What would you bring into your home to make it feel more restful? What's no longer useful and cluttering up your space? 
  • creating new mindsets / thought patterns for anything you have been in denial or delusional about (be honest, no self-indulgence!). Where have you not be honest with yourself, and tried to rationalise your way out of things? What new mindset would help you start to see alternatives and possibilities?
  • laying a foundation for Big/Secret Dreams. What have you been dreaming about? Or pretending not to dream about? ;) Think of three, doable, small steps that you can take to get closer to your dreams.
  • improving your relationships with people you consider family. Are there people you need to forgive (including yourself), and resentments you need to let go of? What can you do to get a fresh start? What would make you feel more connected?

Remember that we're still in the pressure cooker environment (you're going to be feeling it till late September at least), but think of it as opportunities for transformation.

There's a lot of outer planet action happening right now. Outer planets typically impact our environment on longer cycles (a year and up), and it is when they change signs, or move into new life areas in our charts that things get interesting.

As I mentioned in the last missive, Saturn (discipline, integrity)  is in Scorpio. A couple of weeks back, Jupiter (expansion, opportunities) moved into Cancer for a year's stay and it is gorgeously aligned with both Saturn and Neptune (dreams) right now.

Check out especially the life areas in your chart they are passing through right now - those are where you can create Your Vision, and then figure out a concrete plan to get you where you want to go. This alignment is holding for about a month or so, so make the best of it!

If you would like to know more about how Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are playing out in your chart, email me at for a personalised Cosmic Waves report (US$20). 

Hang in there till Mercury Retrograde is over! ;)

Love & light,


p.s. Check these out if you need some help setting new intentions.



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