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Pick Your Battles + Do This Today

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

Have you been feeling the intensity of this New Moon in Libra?

Don't be surprised if you continue to find tempers flaring, emotions running amok, buttons being pushed... there is no release at least for the next week or so. I admit I'd been triggered a couple of times this past week, and it definitely hasn't been fun. But the cosmic trend *is* all about creating change.

Some tips:

  • Whatever challenges come up, take the high road (always preferred but especially so now). Work with Libran energies of diplomacy, tact, and fairness. 
  • The only question that counts: Do you want to be a butterfly? Or do you want to be a fossil? Evolve, grow, transform, innovate in spite of any restrictions you might face. Remember that innovations are often born out of problems/restrictions. How can you turn things around? 
  • Whatever you are running from, or have been denying, give yourself the opportunity/permission to experience the discomfort (instead of finding external distractions). Let it be. Let it flow through you. Let it become part of you, and listen. What do you really want?


Pick a word or phrase for the week/month, that will keep you grounded in your values, and bring you back to your authentic self. Keep it in sight (I recommend your mobile or computer wallpaper), and use it as your touchstone. Mine will be integration. What's yours? Reply and let me know! 

Mid-month, there's a bit of a decluttering frenzy in the air. Make the most of it by decluttering what will get you the most results - it could be your physical environment, but it can also be that no-longer-useful mindset, or anywhere you find lack of efficiency, purpose or meaning.

It's going to be a pretty wild ride, so hang on tight, embrace the energies and use them to your advantage.  

Keep well, my friend :)




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