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Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

New Moon in Gemini

Happy New Moon in Gemini :)

Last month, the focus was on sensuality and stability. Did you do anything special for yourself at/near the New Moon? How did it go?
This month, the Gemini new moon shifts our attention from the physical world to the mental realm. 

Tap into this New Moon's energy

  • Whatever you are feeling stuck about in your life, brainstorm a long list of ideas, emphasis on long. Don't let yourself leave your seat until you've hit 100 ideas (at least try). No idea is too stupid, and don't start thinking about how you're going to make it happen. Not yet. Use the New Moon energy to birth new ideas. Let it stew for 1-2 days, then come back to it and see what resonates.
  • Pick up a new book or check out some new websites in genres you've never explored. Or if you always read fiction, try something non-fiction and vice versa. Be receptive to new ideas and concepts.
  • If you're feeling mentally drained, get a hand, arm or shoulder massage, or DIY for an instant pick-me-up.  
  • Meditate. It could be an extra noisy (mentally) New Moon, so retreat into your inner space. Gemini is a communicative sign, so we tend to think of it as lots of talking, which is not a bad thing in itself. But the most authentic self-expression and communication comes when you're centred, and this is where meditation can help.

Meditation is often talked about in terms of 'stilling the mind', quite an alien concept, and pretty much impossible for me to do, so I completely understand if you feel the same way.

Even so, I've been trying to keep up a meditation practice and experimenting with how I can make it work for me. Lately, I've started seeing meditation as 'sustained focus', and so far, reframing it like that has been helpful.

Another tip I've often come across is, 'think of your thoughts as passing clouds and simply note them going past'. Didn't work for me either. What I've been playing with is the idea of dropping an immense anchor, connected with a thick chain to a buoy on the surface of the water, into the depths of the deepest ocean. When I meditate, I am the whole set-up from anchor to buoy, and everything else is water.

I don't know if this is the 'right' way if there's such a thing, but it works better than other things I've tried so far, so definitely experiment with different ideas to see what works best for you.

If the idea of meditating is intimidating, don't think that you have to sit for long stretches. Keep it simple. Start with 1 minute, focus on your breath, or one word. That's it. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.        

Other Points of Note

The couple of days around the New Moon, you could find yourself being triggered to anger easily, especially by the wrong choice of words. On the flip side, choose your words when you communicate, so that you're expressing yourself authentically and precisely. If this anger is being turned inward and being directed at yourself, give yourself a day or two to cool off, before re-examining the situation. 

Unresolved situations & matters from last December
This was mentioned last month. By now, these situations would have surfaced and you'd be in the process of dealing with them. If you haven't uncovered the root cause of the matter, or what's blocking you, keep digging. Have some kind of plan, however loose it may be, to keep yourself on the track you want to be. Have some patience in this area. Although things have changed, and have started moving along, genuine change or results, will only show up mid/late September.

Relationship building (now till July 1)
[ongoing] We know nurturing relationships that are important to us is essential for happiness, and we work on it, but it's not always easy, right? Fortunately, from now till July 1, that path is exceptionally wonderful, so take advantage of it. This vibe hits its peak July 1 (or 2, depending on where you are), so set aside some time with your loved ones on those days.

Getting to Know You

This month, I'm wondering: 
What particular things do you consider soul food for yourself? 

Hit reply and let me know!

As always, if you have any questions, drop me a line. I read every email.

Till the next New Moon! :)




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