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It's All About YOU

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

Does time really fly, or is it a sign of aging? Can't quite believe a month has past and we're setting intentions at the New Moon again.

This month, the New Moon's in Leo. Gorgeous, fabulous Leo. Sometimes also self-centred Leo ;) It's all about you this New Moon. Work with intentions around:

  • Creating a loose framework or structure to lay out a rough map for where you want to go. Even better if you build on the steps we talked about last month. Set some milestones, and assign a reward to each of them. Celebrate when you hit your milestone!
  • Brainstorming unusual, out-of-the-box solutions to issues & challenges you've been facing. This doesn't mean necessarily you come up with weird shit - think how someone else would deal with it. Or if it were another aspect of your life, or another person, what would you do? It's simply what you don't usually do when it comes to this particular issue.
  • Making time for beauty and self-care, especially in the next couple of daysBe it 15 extra minutes of shut-eye, or a full-on makeover, remember to pamper yourself at least once in a while. Better still if you make it a small daily/weekly habit!

This New Moon is set in a sky beautifully aligned (for the next couple of weeks) for reaching into the depths of your soul to envision the life you want, and then driving the transformation you want.

Think caterpillar into butterfly. Carbon into diamond. In fact, take that as the underlying theme of your life till 2016. Re-invention will get you everywhere.

Love & light,




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