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Internal Integrity

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
2 min read

October's New Moon

Happy New Moon in advance!~ This month's New Moon missive is coming in a little earlier so that you'll have the weekend to prep for it if you want to. 

First thing to note, last month's theme of harmony and balance carries through to this New Moon, so keep that at the back of your mind. This time round, however, it's completely about harmony and balance within yourself, rather than in relationship to others. It's an opportunity to realign and create internal integrity.

The other exciting thing is that, not only is the New Moon in Scorpio, sign of all things intense, hidden and transformational, but it's happening at the beginning of the sign itself, so it's extra awesome for a reset.

Add to that a watery (i.e. emotional) New Moon, and we have the perfect backdrop for digging deep into your psyche and receiving inspiration to unearth, release and renew old beliefs and thoughts, (especially those that relate to relationship wounds) that no longer serve you. 

Skip the external drama (the flip side of this New Moon). Let things unfold within yourself. Allow yourself to discover, and most importantly, select which pieces of your story you want to keep, which you want to release, what you wish to add, and how you want to bring all of it together for a renewed sense of being.

Don't rush yourself, this process is not about completion. It's about beginnings. It's about you lighting up awareness from within, and whether what comes up is a tentative thought or a huge epiphany, the point is to awaken the potential for change. To take one step forward. (Besides, Mercury is still retrograde, so some information and knowledge may remain elusive till mid-November.)

Just Do It! ;)

I don't usually tell you a specific thing for each New Moon because you have your own unique needs, wants and situation, so the best thing to do is to trust your own intuition.

This time though, before the New Moon, definitely do this:
1. Grab a piece of paper, or use a few pages in your notebook/journal. Do it now~
2. Make three sections/columns: keep, release and invite.
3. Keep it by your side 24/7 and add anything that occurs to you as you go through your day. 

At (or soon after) the New Moon, sit down with what you have noted. Journal (or do a voice recording) about it until you feel like you've poured everything out. Then, simply ask, "How?" and journal (or say) what comes to mind, without censoring or editing it, let it flow.

After that, set everything aside. Allow inspiration to come to you over the next 4 days, and jot it down. On Wednesday (Oct 29), go over what you have, and choose one action that you can take immediately, to start creating internal integrity. (If what you have is too big, break it down until you have one do-able action.) Drop me a note if you want to 'announce' your action to someone!

A Request

On a more personal note, I haven't been able to give The Lucid Path the attention I'd wanted to for a while now, but am going to direct more energy to it from this New Moon onwards. So, I'm wondering, what's on your mind these days? How can I best serve you through this monthly missive and my services? I appreciate that you take time to read this email every month, and I want to make it even better, so please let me know, I'd love to hear from you :)




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