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Inspiration & Aspirations

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
2 min read

How have you been since the last New Moon? Did you set any intentions, and how did things go?


Highlighted in the month ahead, is the tension between going for what you want and the external circumstances that you feel are forcing your hand—either you're trying to diplomatically balance your needs with those of others, or you're afraid that going after what you want will destroy or make you lose something that's been in your life for quite a while. Or both. This could have been locked in stalemate for the past few months, but it's clear that the situation has started to move along (or will soon). There are two keys to this:

  1. Clarity on your goals/intentions. Do you know what you *really* want (or some idea of it)? What is the true desire that lies beneath?
  2. Remember that sometimes there is no satisfactory solution - in which case, you need to know what is acceptable (and not) for yourself. Where are the boundaries?   

When you have clarity about these things, and they are aligned to what you value most, you'll be in a better place to direct the changes that you can control, and release a hold on those that you can't.


Thankfully, there's also going to be a beautiful connection between the New Moon and Neptune to help us with this. During this New Moon, take some time to get inspired re: your situation/goals. Neptune is all about imagination and inspiration —not in the thinking or 'figure-it-out' sense—but free-flowing, intuitive, synchronicity-type inspiration. You'll find answers by dreaming, daydreaming, meditating, watching movies, playing music or singing.

You are looking at doing things that help to shut down the active chatter in your mind a little, things that take your attention outside of yourself. And yes, Neptune rules alcohol so a little bit of that might help with the inspiration, but keep in mind that Neptune has a tendency to over-indulge ;)

Use your inspirations to discover new ways of seeing your situation, get alternative ideas on what you can and want to do. Most importantly, keep an open mind, you never know what might work! 

Those of you who wrote to me last month about your challenges and how you're handling them, I want to say thank you for sharing I know that it's impossible for the advice & suggestions to be useful to everyone all the time, because they are about the essence of the New Moon and the current cosmic vibe, not to mention everyone's birth chart is unique so it'll hit each of you in different ways. Still, it's nice to know that these little missives strike a note with you sometimes :)

So whether you want to share your experience or ask a question, keep those emails coming - I read all of them, even if it takes a while for me to reply.

Finally, a little quote to kickstart your Neptunian journey:

Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness. Allen Ginsberg




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