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High Roads & Magic Wands

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

Happy New Leo Moon! It's a pretty nice one this month. Even though there are undercurrents of tension (to say the least), it *is* a bit lighter and much more expansive than what we've been having most of this year, so enjoy it!

The Strategy

Last month, I mentioned stuck situations starting to move along at this New Moon, things hitting a crunch point. If you've worked out what your highest values and priorities are, especially with regard to these situations, now's the time to come up a plan of action.

Having a strategy, especially if you can boil it down to a one-line mantra, is going to serve you better than anything else at the moment. Whatever your strategy is, make at least one of these part of the plan too:

  • take the high road
  • act with class
  • handle things with poise
  • communicate with kindness

To put it bluntly, make sure your decisions and actions are those that you'll stand by in the cold light of day. So, set aside some time before the New Moon to map out your strategy. 

The Dream

The gorgeous thing about this New Moon, is that it is blessed with a generous heap of expansion energy. We don't get this kind of New Moon that frequently, so definitely make the time to set intentions for areas where you want growth.  

Pick an area of your life where you want growth and development, where you want things to get BIG, where you want things to start moving along. (If you know your chart, look to the house where Jupiter is—this area in particular will be activated.)

What is your best case vision? What would you make happen if you had a magic wand at your disposal? Make THAT your vision.

The last few months have been extremely demanding, so I'm really looking forward to the brief cosmic respite we're going to get these couple of months!  What are *you* looking forward to?

Feel free to email me if you wish to share your strategies and/or expansion dreams with someone. You can be assured what you share is completely confidential; it's just nice to know that someone out there was a witness to your declaration :) 




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