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Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

How's 2012 finding you? I can't quite believe we're almost at the halfway point.

New Year Resolutions aren't really my thing - resolutions can start (and die :D) any time! One thing I rely on to keep me on track are New Moons. Perhaps it's a Cancerian thing - these monthly cycles are a reminder to take a quick snapshot of my life and see if things are going the way I want them to. There's something simple yet grand about it that also reminds me that that nothing is permanent and every month, every day, every minute, is an opportunity for us to make a choice for change.

Any New Moon is a chance to start something new. So a day or two before that, think about something new you want to bring into your life - it can even just be a certain type of energy e.g. awareness, and ideally think of an action you can do to represent what you want. At the time of the New Moon (until about 6 hours after), set your intention, do the action if you have one, and be open to the Universe bringing it into your life. That's it!

Upcoming New Moon:
19 June 11:03 pm (SG)
19 June 11:03 am (NYC)

This New Moon is particularly effective for establishing communication and getting your voice out there. Make a plan, then contact those people who could help you. Show your enthusiasm and drive, sound confident. Don't bash people over their heads with your message ;)

All the best! Let me know how things go.



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