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Get unstuck with the Aries New Moon

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
2 min read

Dealing with the Stuck

Happy astrological new year! 

This New Moon is all about taking action. Arian/Mars energy is just GO, GO, GO. You might be feeling that energy a lot, but feeling stuck at the same time, thanks to other cosmic influences. A bit like a warrior princess all armoured up and psyched to go to war, but instead you're struggling to get out of a pit of quicksand. Utterly frustrating! I understand because it's a permanent feature of my birth-chart. I have to look to other aspects of my chart to 'unstick' myself as much as possible.

If you have your birth chart, look at how Mars interacts with the other planets to get clued in on this.

To gain clarity on where things are stuck and move towards release, consider what outmoded ways of thinking or doing are holding you back? Demolish them. And I mean, demolish. This is not about tweaking, making small adjustments. Identify those those mindsets and filters through which you perceive the world that no longer work for you, and overhaul them. Resolve to set them free. If it is really difficult to do, tell yourself you'll just try releasing it for just a month, and then review this decision again then.

Then, imagine new ways of seeing. Of being. Try them on. Set triggers, either using devices, or visual cues (Post-it notes!), to remind yourself of how you want to think, how you want to see, and how you want to be. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do, but I believe the rewards are worth it.

The stuck feeling will ebb and flow in the meantime, but it will start to ease up for real mid-May, so hang in there.

One other aspect of this cosmic pattern, is that you'll have loads of stamina, especially the physical kind, for whatever you're focused on. So if there are things you want to finish up, tap into this and keep going like an Energizer bunny.

Reflections and Aspirations

Being the astrological new year, do make some time over the next couple of days to re-connect with your intentions and goals for the year. 

  1. Take stock of major events since last April.
  2. Take note of any meaningful lessons.
  3. Revisit any intentions or goals you set at the start of 2015 (if any). Adjust if necessary. If you didn't have any, now's a great time to come up with a couple of them and set things in motion.
  4. Come up with 3 small things you can do for each intention and goal before mid-July.

Have fun with this~ Let me know what you decided to do!

Getting to Know You

This monthly missive is very low on astrological jargon right now because that's how I chose to write it when I started way back when. It's one of those things that could either be interesting or confusing, so I'm asking: 

  • Astrological jargon, yay or nay?

Hit reply with your answers and let me know what you think! And of course, if you have any questions, just drop me a line. I read all your emails.

Till the next New Moon! :)




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