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Julia Ng
Julia Ng
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New Moon in Sagittarius

For this month's New Moon in Sagittarius, support your own growth and expansion by having some loose direction or structure around where you're heading (or want to go). That said, keep that structure skeletal and light, so that you have the room to branch out in new directions, or leap from one area to another. 

Tap into Sagittarius' expansive, all-inclusive energy:

  • Do Pilates or yoga. Do something that quite literally stretches you, ideally within a structured system. For figurative stretching, come up with some ideas on how you could push the boundaries in a sport that you already do. 
  • Do something new or different with your friends. Check out places and explore experiences that offer you something outside your usual realm of activities as a group. Do something that feels a little bit foreign. Plan ahead a little, don't say, "We'll just meet and see what to do."
  • Explore a new genre of books, movies, etc. Jump into something you've never even had the slightest inkling of interest in. It can be as simple as going to the bookstore and flipping through whichever magazines catch your eye in a section you never pay attention to. 
  • Pretend to be someone else for a day. Play tourist in your own city, pretend everything's a first. Think in another language all day—how does this impact your internal processes and communication with others?  

Sagittarius, being Jupiter-ruled, has the most expansive and exploratory energy of all the signs, and as with anything, that has both its pros and cons. So while it is all-inclusive, embracing everything and everyone along the way, always exploring new and foreign things, it can also tip into indiscriminate behaviour or overindulgence (a red flag for those holiday meals? ;)). 

By the way, it's the last new moon of 2015, but we're only just starting on the last third of the astrological calendar. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to do my annual review now, before the Lunar New Year (8 Feb) or before the astrological new moon (7 Apr) [yes, overthinking], but know that you have these options too!

Other Points of Note

Spend time with your loved ones (now ~ Dec 16)
Generally good for all kinds of relationships, so make some time to catch up with your family and friends, even if it's just over the phone. Quality, not quantity! 

Use your imagination & wit (Dec 23~29)
Things actually get increasing tense towards Christmas, then start to ease off closer to New Year's Day. Speak honestly and from the heart, and use stories and anecdotes to express yourself. Avoid making snarky, passive-aggressive comments.

Mercury Retrograde (Jan 5-25)
Heads up for your first instalment of Mercury Retrograde of 2016. As always, nothing to get paranoid about, just remember to be more zen than usual. If you're the type to do back-ups, set a reminder for yourself to take care of it so that you don't risk losing those holiday photos ;)  

Getting to Know You

In the Sagittarian spirit of exploring something new... I occasionally think of taking up some new hobbies, but usually end up not doing anything about it lol. What about you? Do you have anything you consider a hobby? What hobbies would you like to take up?

Email me
 and let me know (+how this New Moon went for you), I read all your emails!

Happy Sagittarius New Moon~ Remember to take some moments to breathe during this crazily busy time of the year! xx


p.s. please forward this to anyone you think might enjoy it :)



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