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Connecting, Your Way

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
2 min read

One thing I love about tracking the New Moons is that the core energy of each New Moon is different—a gentle reminder that we can access different expressions of energy, and can tap into them any time we want to, whatever the overall planetary energies may be. 

This month, the New Moon is in Gemini. The core energy of Gemini is all about communication, which has everything to do with how we connect with the people in our lives. Here's your chance to set some intentions around your communication style. Do you wish to be more diplomatic, or more direct? Perhaps you want to be more eloquent, sound more expressive, or speak with authority.

Think of a couple of things you could do to bring more of that energy into how you communicate with others, whether in writing, or through face-to-face conversations. Being super time-strapped this month, I'm keeping it very simple.

My plan:

  1. Stick a big Post-it with the word 'CHILL' in a few places to remind myself to keep my cool.
  2. Think up a line to say to myself, or a calm response. (I know it's weird trying to have a scripted response, but I've found having a couple of default options is helpful when under stress.) 
  3. Track each time I manage to do it, and each time I don't.
  4. Try to make each number go in the right direction.

What about you? What do you think you'll try to 'reset' this New Moon?

If you're finding difficulty in setting clear intentions this time round, keep them broad, then revisit them when we hit June, and you'll be able to gain some clarity then. 

Heads Up on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde from June 7 to July 2, so just make note of the dates. I've had my share of frustrating Mercury retrograde incidents too, but things are usually not as serious as some astrologers make it out to be. The key is to stay zen and focus on the solution—generally a good practice for most situations, but especially useful during Mercury Retrograde. (Here's a link to Mercury Retrograde 101 for new readers.)

If you're up for it, it's a time when you are able to access things simmering in your subconscious/unconscious, and let them come to the surface. Keeping a dream diary, doing morning pages, or tracking random thoughts and ideas that pop out of the blue might just lead you to new perspectives. 

What will you learn about yourself this month? Drop me a line and let me know. I read all your emails, even if it may take a while for me to reply.

Here's wishing you smooth communication, epiphanies and breakthroughs!




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