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Julia Ng
Julia Ng
4 min read

New Moon in Leo

Happy New Moon! How have you been? The New Moon is in fiery, determined Leo this month. Even though there are still undercurrents of that Pressure Cooker astro that's taking its time to ease off, in general, the month ahead is less bumpy and less tense than what we've had all year. Some breathing room, finally! 

Tap into confident, sunny Leo's energy

  • Get glamorous. Nothing more definitively Leonine than an impressive mane of hair (think of Leo Jennifer Lopez), so consider visiting your favourite hair salon this week. Even if you don't have a mane or aspire to have one, pampering yourself is a mood booster. Book a spa appointment, or do some DIY pampering to get those endorphins flowing.   
  • Get creative. Explore some art classes, or anything where you get to create something. Even a one-off session would be great. OR it can be something you have done a million times before. The question then is, how can you do it in a new way? How can you make it interesting and fun for yourself? Take 'creative' beyond the realms of art and design, and explore doing something in a new, fun way.
  • Get social. Gather your friends and/or family and hit the karaoke, the theme park, the club, or anything along those lines. Sing at the top of your voice. Dance on the podium. I can imagine it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's very Leo, and once a year could be fun ;) Otherwise, do whatever is fun for you. The main point is to give and enjoy some attention, and bask in each others' warmth and company.

Did you know this about Leo? After the initial spark (Aries) takes form (Taurus), it starts to think (Gemini) and feel (Cancer), the first third of the astrological cycle is complete. In Leo, the ego comes into being. It not only needs to express its unique self, it also needs to be recognised for it. Look to the life area that Leo 'owns' in your chart to know how this applies to you.

Other Points of Note

Be open & receptive
Between 26-31 August, be in an open and receptive mode, because, well, I almost want to say that epiphanies and insights will come raining down on us, but it's almost never anything that dramatic ;) Pay attention, especially to what you see and what you hear. Take note of coincidences, patterns, and signs, while steering clear of over-analysis and paranoia.
Beauty: Within & Without 
Whether it's your physical appearance, your wardrobe, or your general vibe, it's a good time from now till early September to consider the image you would like to project. How can you create it? Experiment to see what works best for you. Anything goes, except I would avoid committing to anything that is irreversible, i.e. no cosmetic surgery, during this period.

You could also find enjoyment or new revelations by revisiting art forms you have left behind. 

Unresolved situations & matters from last December (since June)
Things may have started to move along, albeit slowly, but you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some elements in the situation would have fallen away (or will start to do so), options and ideas you found hard to entertain before, start to seem more within reach. Thinking long-term and seeing the picture will serve you well, even if what's immediately ahead of you seems unpleasant or challenging. (Also, look at last month's missive for questions to help you gain clarity if you need to do that.)

Getting to Know You

This month, I'm wondering: 
What would you like to read about on The Lucid Path's blog?

An Invitation for Self-Discovery

In the spirit of getting creative with the Leo moon, I want to invite you to try a new reading (it's so new I don't know what it's called yet :D)

You will get a basic soul & astro profile, delivered on PDF, with little to no astro-jargon. It will be very to-the-point, and easy to understand.

You'll find out

  • your Sun sign placement. In which area of life do you naturally shine? Where can you focus your energies? 
  • your Moon & Rising sign & placement. Everyone knows their Sun Sign, but rarely their Moon and Rising signs. Your Rising sign will show the image you project and how you are perceived, while your Moon indicates what feeds your soul. I was surprised by how important they are, especially the Moon. We all need to do/nurture our Moon in order to flourish and blossom.
  • all your other planets' signs & placements. You'll get a broad idea of the themes emphasised in your chart. This is super helpful when bits of the monthly missive goes, "Look at where Jupiter / Leo etc is in your chart"—you get a new layer of meaning with every New Moon Missive. 
  • your Soul Group. This one's from the Soul Portrait reading. Learning the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of your soul group can give you some perspective on your life experiences and personal quirks that you never really understood.

I may add a thing or two as I riff off each chart/reading, but that would be the bulk of it.

This new reading would be an excellent starting point if you've never had a birth chart or soul portrait done before. They are all simple but important jumping off points, because when you can see the foundation of your particular big picture, many things start to pull into focus.  

If you've already done these readings, please forward this to friends who are curious about readings but aren't quite ready to take the leap yet. This would be perfect for them. 

Email me if you have any questions about the new reading, or would like to see a sample. And of course, if you have any thoughts/feelings you want to share about this New moon, drop me a line too~ (FYI, I'm off email till Tuesday, will definitely reply after that!)

Till the next New Moon! :)




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