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Be open to divine inspiration

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

Happy New Moon in Pisces!  

Pisces, as with all signs, has qualities that can manifest in both positive and negative ways. For example, Pisces can be very intuitive and inspired, but it can also be escapist and lack discernment. With this New Moon, balance being receptive to what comes your way, going with the flow, while remaining grounded in your core values. 

Tap into this New Moon's energy:

  • Your Vision, part 3. Make it work for you. At the last two New Moons, you created a vision and looked at it objectively. Now, tap into inner guidance for support in creating your vision:
    • Intoxication and transcendence are two sides of the same coin. What do you tend to escape to? What helps you gain clarity? e.g. I tend to indulge in mindless TV and eating, while writing morning pages and meditating gives me clarity.
    • What do you have to let go of for your vision to come into being? Letting go of one thing usually also means that there's something else you need to learn to accept. 
    • Do note that these questions are not about guilting yourself. They are simply a starting point to consider what actions are going to be helpful in creating your vision. 
  • Immerse yourself in water. Go for a slow swim. Have a soak in the tub. It's especially calming at this New Moon. Ideally, I'd like to find a small waterfall and hang out there for a bit, but there aren't any near me, so I might just take an extra long shower ;) 
  • Enjoy music and photography. Music and photography are Pisces's domain. Listen to something that helps you zen out, or go out and enjoy some 'live' music. Create your own music or do something musical. Or decide on a theme e.g. red, and then go out and take photos of all the red things you find. Get creative and have some fun!
  • Meditate. Do it the usual way, or try a walking/motion/activity meditation. The idea is to try to stay as present as you can with whatever you are doing, so that you become open to inspiration. Take it lightly, don't force it. For me, it works best with mundane tasks like washing the dishes.    

The Pisces New Moon is the last one in the Western zodiac cycle, taking us full circle to Aries where we started. While Aries is about an impulse taking form, becoming individualised, Pisces is about the unravelling of the specific, merging into the universal.

This also means we're up for yet another new year, this time the astrological one.  If you are into making year-long resolutions, next month you've got a chance to start one, or renew/reinforce any that you've already made!

Other Points of Note

Inspiration vs Delusion (now till March 15)
This is one of those truly double-edged aspects. Some might feel tuned in, divinely guided even, and bring a beautiful creation into existence. Others might feel completely lost, and escape from reality instead of trying to find their footing. Whichever it is, stay true to your core. Weave your values, what's most important to you, what you treasure, into your experience. The intensity of how this plays out depends on your birth chart—if you have planets in the early degrees of the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you will experience this more intensely, and more extremely, than others.

Revisit & Renew (Late March ~ mid-August)
You have a chance during this period to revisit situations and projects that began around Christmas 2014 and early 2015. Re-examine objectives and purpose. Seek clarity, especially on obstacles and pitfalls. Figure out what structures or arrangements (not necessarily complicated, you just need a plan) you can set up to reduce risk. There is an opportunity for growth and healing, but it's not going to just drop from the sky. Effort and patience are part of this deal.

Getting to Know You

This past year, I've focused on coming up with ideas for physical, mental and/or emotional activities that are energetically aligned with each New Moon. Since this astrological cycle is coming to a close, I'm thinking about where to take this monthly missive next.

What would you find most useful and/or interesting? Or, take the flip side, what are you frustrated about in your life, where I can offer support?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please drop me an email and let me know! :) 

Thank you for reading each month, and may you tap into some divine inspiration this New Moon! Till the next one~


p.s. do share this with your friends if you think they might enjoy it :)



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