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Balance and Appreciation

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

New Moon in Libra

Happy New Moon in Libra! How have you been this past month? Did you do any sort of decluttering or list-making at the last New Moon? How did it go? 

This month, the New Moon is in Libra, the sign of elegance and refinement, and most often associated with balance. Try any of these to tap into Libra's energy this new moon.


Consider what 'balance' really means in your world. When we talk about it, the obvious image that comes to mind is the scale, with both sides level.

I doubt though, that you are managing only two things in your life. Even if you have massively clarified your priorities, and have culled away all you consider non-essential to your life, you're likely to have several things going on at any one time.

So, think of balance as 'harmonious integration', i.e. allocating an appropriate amount of time and energy to an activity, as it supports you and your life. Keep these things in mind:

  • there's no 'right' amount of anything for anyone. Figure out what gives you the most/best energy
  • it's usually easier to get inner balance after you have outer balance, so focus on that first if you need to
  • depending on your life circumstances, what constitutes balance can change. Adjust accordingly. 
  • balance requires effort, not strife. 
  • celebrate when your day feels balanced! At that very moment when you feel it! :) When it does go off-balanced, accept it, consider what you could do in future if you were in the same situation, and then move on. 


Words like beauty, culture, refinement etc. often pop up when talking about Libra, and typical Libra activities are visiting the art museum or listening to classical music. But really, this particular aspect of Libra is about appreciation. You can simply pick any item and contemplate its beauty.

Better yet, since Libra is also about relationships, choose someone, and note all the things you love and appreciate about them. Once you've done this, you'll always (I hope?) remember why this person is beautiful to you. It can help in navigating the more challenging moments any relationship would have. This even helps with people you're having a difficult time with, and although I won't deny it's much more difficult, I believe it's worth a try.

I was trying to think of a physical activity that fits well with Libra, but Libra is not a very physical sign. The only thing that comes to mind is sleep. It does make sense that if you are well-rested, you're more likely to be in a good mood versus being a grouch, and social harmony is very Libran indeed. So yes, please get your beauty sleep :) 

Other Points of Note

Unsettled, scattered energy (most intense at the New Moon, starts to ease off after that)
The overall mood can feel overly electric, and it can be hard to stay focused and grounded. You could feel like everything is shifting, going at some weird, unpredictable pace/direction. Or as if something major is going to shake everything up. Not an easy or comfortable vibe to live with. 

To manage this feeling/situation, be brutally honest with yourself—no delusions, no blinders, no tunnel vision. You can put on some rose-coloured glasses for optimism after you're done with the honesty bit. 

Also, use this energy to spark ideas for yourself. Come up with 100 ideas for something. It can be ways to solve a problem you have, fun things you want to do etc.. Doesn't matter how absurd the ideas may seem. Give it a couple of weeks to brew, and come back to it at the Full Moon (28 October) to see if it sparks any insights in you.

Getting to Know You

This month, I'm wondering: 
What art form (or craft) do you enjoy? Any particular artist whose works you especially like? 

I also love hearing what you do with these New Moon tips, so email me and let me know :)

Thanks for reading~ Till the next New Moon!


p.s. if you know anyone who would find these tips useful, please share it with them too :)



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