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When Action Gets You to Clarity

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
3 min read

New Moon in Virgo

It's the New Moon once again! How are things going for you? This month, the New Moon is happening in practical-minded, grounded Virgo. 

Tap into meticulous, discerning Virgo's energy:

  • Curate your life. Cast an eye over your life, especially challenging situations, using Virgo's powers of discernment. Identify what is truly important to you, and what you can let go of. This can apply to both people and situations. Questions a Virgo might ask:
    • What meaning does X bring to my life? 
    • Is X optimal for me / the situation? 
  • Make your environment work for you. One of Virgo's top 10 mantras is 'clear space, clear mind', so definitely declutter. On top of that, take a look around you, whether it's your home or your workplace, or even your computer, is there something quick and easy you can set up, or arrange, such that it supports your daily life by reducing stress? Or increasing little moments of joy, mindfulness, peace etc? e.g. having a designated spot for your keys means you don't have to stress out looking for them when you have to rush out the door.
  • Make some lists. Your bucket list. Your dreams. What keeps you sane. What feeds your soul. What you want to explore. Who you want to spend more time with. What you want to spend more time doing. What your next birthday will be like. No 'to do' lists, please.
  • Do some yoga. Being grounded and focused seems super Virgoan to me, so what better than yoga to bring together the physical and mental worlds? Any other similar mind-body activity would work too.

Note that bringing Virgo energy into your life is less about minimalism, than it is about clarity and optimal purpose. Virgo also has a bad reputation for nitpicking and micromanagement, but that's actually Virgo in overdrive, where it becomes obsessed with the details. That's far from being discerning. It is the difference between being lost in the woods, and seeing the forest for the trees. Direct your energy wisely.  

Other Points of Note

Mercury Retrograde 18 September - 10 October
I feel a little sorry for Mercury recently—it seems he's become so infamous for communication and tech snafus. Do remember that it's also a good time to look back at your life for the last few months, take stock, regroup. Also wonderful for spending time with old friends and reminiscing. These could reveal hidden or forgotten insights.  It might be slightly tougher on Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn folks this round. Be more zen than usualGeneral guidelines for Mercury Retrograde here.
Things moving along!
(was 'Unresolved situations & matters from last December')

Those situations that seemed so deadlocked and unresolvable since last December, finally get a chance to move on! If you have been working on creating some structure, and making plans in spite of the stuckness, now is where you will start to reap rewards. You still have to continue to do the work, but you have more options to choose from, and you can see how they might actually happen. Definitely more freedom in resolving the situation. Still, avoid shying away from something because it seems 'not me' or too difficult. Ask yourself how can you turn it into something that still feels authentic to you, and will also support your goal

Getting to Know You

This month, I'm wondering: 
What's been tugging at the corners of your mind for the past couple of weeks?

An Invitation

As I mentioned last month, I'm offering a new reading, the 'Soul Primer Kit' (password: discoverme). At the moment, it's only available for readers of this monthly missive, but do feel free to share it with friends who are curious about readings but aren't quite ready to take the leap yet. This would be perfect for them. (Also because I love working with friends of friends!)

Drop me a line and let me know how the New Moon goes for you! I love hearing from you :)

Till the next New Moon!




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