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A Time for Inspiration

Julia Ng
Julia Ng
1 min read

I'm always amazed whenever I realise it's time for another New Moon Missive. What's the rhythm of your life like? Do you feel time flying by too?

It's a very watery (emotion-driven) yet action-oriented New Moon, so let's actually DO something this round:

Before this New Moon, grab any old piece of paper, take 10 minutes to brain/heart dump all the things that you feel are weighing you down, and want to let go of. It is a time to release any mental or emotional baggage, and negative self-talk.

It can be about any area of your life, or if you prefer a more specific focus, look at where you feel internal conflict between what you think you want and what you think you should do/want (e.g. I want to ... but I should really....).

When you feel satisfied that you've put everything down on paper, take a couple of deep breaths, and destroy the paper in whatever way grabs your fancy. 

At or after the New Moon, set an intention to invite inspiration and synchronicity into your life to give you insight into these things, and to help you release them.

Doing this doesn't mean that all the things you wrote down will disappear by the next New Moon, some situations/states end because they have run their course, but generally, wishing that something would go away never actually makes it go away, right? ;) 

Release can come in almost any form: enlightening words from a stranger, epiphanies that reframe how you perceive things, or you making some powerful, declarative decisions. 

Be observant, be open and be discerning. 




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