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Soul Portrait (Online Reading)

What’s a Soul Portrait?

There are different types of Akashic Record readings that you can do.

What I call a Soul Portrait is a specific type of Akashic Record reading that gives you a profile of your soul. It helps you get to know your Soul on a more intimate level and validates your experiences to date. Creating awareness around this can change the way you see your life; what has passed, what is and what can be.

Who you are as a soul doesn't change, so this is a reading you’ll only need to do once.

But the real question is… Are you ready for it? Because there is no turning back. The more awareness you have of your Soul, the more connected you are to your Soul, the less you'll be willing to make unhappy compromises.

After your reading, if you choose to settle for a life that is less than what you want, it could be more painful than whatever feelings of 'lost' or 'stuck' you are having right now.

It’s not that everything will be perfect and run smoothly after your reading. Being human, we’ll always have challenges, that’s part of being here. But knowing yourself at soul level means you’ll always have a powerful anchor that gives you clarity and inner strength.

That said, I cannot emphasise enough how this is not for you if:

  • you need/want a financial advisor, medical professional, technical help, psychiatrist, therapist or counsellor
  • you want to hear that you're psychic or ‘more special’ than everyone else
  • you're a reading junkie i.e. you frequently get readings but don't do anything about what you learn


A Soul Portrait gives you an overview of your innate gifts, strengths and challenges at the soul level, as well as the specific ones you chose to focus on in this lifetime. You'll:

  • Get clear on where to focus your attention and energy
  • Increase self-awareness, understanding and acceptance
  • Understand why you’ve had certain experiences and challenges
  • Learn where you have a unique perspective

You’ll learn about:

  • Your Soul Groups of Origin
    • Where your soul came from. If you're unfamiliar with this concept, you can learn about it here
  • Your Energy Centre of Training
    • The energies you bring into this lifetime, what you are driven to express
  • Your Soul Trainings Between Incarnations
    • The work you do as a soul between lifetimes on earth
  • A Glimpse of Your Past Life Influences
    • A snapshot of eras and traditions that have helped your soul to grow
  • Your Archetypes
    • Additional soul gifts you have in this lifetime. These reinforce or support existing qualities, or could bring in something new.
  • Your Life Lessons
    • The primary lesson you chose to work on in this lifetime
    • The dominant secondary one (if any)
  • Your Intuitive Gifts
    • Your intuitive gifts (if any) and the strongest one at the moment
  • The Spiritual Energies Around You
    • The number of guardian angels you have
    • The number of spirit guides in your team
    • A message from your guides

Choose one of these online readings:

If you don't want to meet online, check out my PDF readings instead!

Soul Portrait reading, online session only (60 minutes)

During this reading, I'll tell you all about your unique Soul Portrait, using the sections mentioned above as a guide. This is good if you prefer listening over reading. Do note that there is no PDF report included for this reading.

Note: Current turnaround time is about 5~7 days after I receive your complete details.

Soul Portrait reading, PDF report & online session (25 minutes)

This reading is good if you want to read your Soul Portrait first, then have a chat about what's in your report.

Note: Current turnaround time to deliver the PDF report about 7~9 days after I receive your complete details. We'll schedule your online session after you receive your report.

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I'd like a reading. How do we do this?

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  2. I’ll email you within 1-2 business days for your details I need from you. (Add julia [at] to your contact list to make sure you get my emails.)
  3. Reply with your details.
  4. I’ll update you on when you can expect to receive your reading.

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