What is Success?

Success. Such a loaded word. It can be empowering, disempowering, depressing and enervating all at the same time. It unites AND separates people. Say the word and the typical association is usually material wealth and perhaps a glamorous lifestyle. Not that those are necessarily bad. Success … [Read more...]

The Astrology of Your Self-Care

Under the Moonlight by paintedbliss Self-Care. My (almost) Friend. We used to have a love-hate relationship. In my head, I knew I had to make time for her (it's a her to me), but she was the first to be dropped once the schedule got busy. So much association with guilt - it was a "damned if … [Read more...]

Setting Intentions: Set it Free!

Release by belleandboo Here's the last part of the "Setting Intentions" series. (Start here.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Release your order. Why: If you don’t let go, you haven’t placed your order! When you place your order at a … [Read more...]

Setting Intentions: It’s about YOU.

Inspirational Print by GraceHouseArt Here's Part 5 in the 6-part "Setting Intentions" series. (Start here.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Order only for yourself. Why: You can only control your own life. You can’t control what other people do, … [Read more...]

Setting Intentions: Size Matters

Here's Part 4 in the 6-part "Setting Intentions" series. (Start here.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right-For-You Portions Why: When you over-order, you confuse the kitchen, confuse yourself, and might even make yourself sick. For example, … [Read more...]