Magic begins…

... when you consciously decide to choose the possibilities that lie before you,
instead of letting them choose you.

When you are aware of the energies you create in your life,
you can learn how to use them, and how to shift them.

This collection of emails shows you how to shift your emotional and mental states,
using practical, easy-to-do methods, with resources you have at your fingertips.

Tweaking the little things can help you make some major shifts.

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Soul Portrait Sessions

A Soul Portrait Reading is perfect for you if you want to get a Big Picture overview of your life. Especially when you feel that you've already done all the "right" things, but somehow, things are not working out the way you want them to.

This reading gives you awareness that helps you change the way you see your life: what has past, what is and what can be. The possibilities are there, the question is: what will you do with it?
[Read More...]