Soul Portrait Sessions

In one hour, get crystal clear on your Soul and
create practical experiments to start moving forward.


Do you say things like this?

  • I’m sick of running into the same issues time and again. I wasn’t ready before, but now, I’m ready to do something about it.
  • I don’t know why I feel this way, but it’s been like this almost all my life. I want to understand why, and hopefully leave it behind.
  • Other people think my life is wonderful, but something’s missing for me. I want to bring more meaning into my life.
  • My dreams haunt and nag at me, and I’ve decided enough is enough. It’s time to take some action.
  • I’ve tried the obvious options, and I’ve done a lot of inner work, but I still feel stuck. I want to try something different this time.


What’s a Soul Portrait?

Some people think of our souls as something outside of our bodies, others say it is something deep inside. Some call it our Higher Selves. There are so many ways of looking at it.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all good.

The important bit is that your Soul is Divine. It is the eternal part of you that spans time and space. It is the spark in you that is connected to Source, God, or the Universe.

A Soul Portrait helps you get to know your Soul on a more intimate level. This awareness can change the way you see your life; what has past, what is and what can be.

  • Learn about the innate qualities of your Soul and its impact on your life.
  • Understand your life experiences from a Soul perspective.
  • Bring greater flow into your life by tapping into the natural patterns of your Soul.
  • Let go of Soul level baggage with a Soul Healing.
  • Increase clarity and purpose in your life.

Discover your potential for love, abundance and joy,
and the depths of your strength and compassion.

But the real question is…

↓↓↓ Are you ready for this? ↓↓↓

Because there is no turning back. It’s like taking the Red Pill ;)

The more awareness you have of your Soul, the less willing you’ll be to make unhappy compromises.

If you choose to settle for a life that is less than what you want, it could be even more painful than whatever you are going through now.

You are saying to your Soul, “I’m in it for the long haul, babe.” And awareness is just the first step.

It also means that you will have to show up, whatever you decide your purpose may be. (Yes, YOU decide your purpose. No Sorting Hat in this Universe, too bad~)

When you choose to actively align with your Soul, when you step into the power of your own Divinity, and believe that you create your Self and your experiences, you will truly experience the power of this reading.

*** By the way, if you’re looking for a financial advisor, medical professional, technical help, psychiatrist, therapist, counsellor, this is NOT the place for you. ***

If you are open to learning some new things, and deciding if they are right for YOU, read on!

:: The Quick & Dirty Deets ::

  • 1x 60-minute Soul Portrait session
  • 1x 25-minute follow-up session (within 3 months)
  • Mutually agreed-upon homework, based on your reading
  • MP4 recordings of your sessions (subject to technical availability)

*All sessions are done on Skype

Everything you share during your sessions is completely, 100% confidential.

Get Your Soul Portrait Now ~ US $199

I was hesitant and skeptical… (but) there’s such comfort in the trying times now.
Michelle Ward, When I Grow Up Coach

Michelle Ward, New York

Not one for astrology or psychics or tarot, I was hesitant and skeptical going in for my Soul Reading, but curious as to what would be told and revealed. Right off the bat, Julia told me that my core identity is to see the harsh realities of this world, go through the pain, heal…and then help others. I thought of the cancer I just finished treatment for, the career I left behind, and how I help others through my business and my experiences. I thought, “This makes sense.” She told me that I have a sense of responsibility to those in emotional pain, and that the work I’m doing now is “my thing.” It’s brought me a perspective that I didn’t have earlier, and I know now why I’ve endured what I have. There’s such comfort in the trying times now, knowing I’m going through it to share it. My Soul Reading session has helped me personally and professionally, and Julia is a truly gifted reader.

I like how much “clearer” certain feelings or dreams, even experiences are.

Brenda Lam, Singapore

I have always been curious about how frequently I experience deja vus or why I have special connections with infants and toddlers although I’m not the exactly the nurturing sort. After Julia’s reading, I like how much “clearer” certain feelings or dreams and even experiences are, after her explanation. In my line of work, we constantly rush for deadlines, I sometimes secretly wished I could work faster just like how some of my other colleagues cum best pals do. Under the pressure, there are times when I started to doubt myself. But it all settled down when Julia mentioned that the one important message my Guides wanted to tell me was “better late than never.” So being slow and steady, working at my own good pace is still the way to go for me!

:: The Nitty Gritty Details ::

Your Soul Portrait Session (60 minutes)

This is an information loaded session. Best to have a notepad ready. (Only semi-joking!)

You’ll learn about:

  • your innate Soul identity, including your strengths, talents, and the challenges that show up when you are not well aligned to your Soul
  • why you’ve had certain experiences in your life, and how they might have come about
  • your primary Life Lesson
  • your Spirit Guide Team
  • your unique Soul Pattern

You will also receive:

  • a Soul Healing
  • customised experiments (aka homework) based on your unique Soul Pattern and Soul Gifts, and your personal preferences.

In-between Sessions

This is the most important part of your Soul Portrait experience.

Let what we talked about sink in.

Take action on your customised Experiments.
Observe how things go.
Tweak your Experiments to fit.
Play with the Experiments.

The more you put in here, the more you’ll get out of this experience.

When you feel ready, book your Support Session.

The Support Session has to be used within 3 months of your initial Soul Portrait Session. Because we know the chances of things changing when there is no accountability, right? ;)

Your Support Session (25 minutes)

The Soul Portrait reading impacts people quite differently, depending on each person’s situation. Some people discover a direction they want to move towards, some let go of baggage they’ve been carrying around for years. Others remember a deeply buried purpose, while some feel like it’s a wake-up call to stop being in denial and step into who they truly are.

With so much going on, I want to support you in being the driver of your life. Dumping a whole lot of information on someone and then sending them off to deal with it all on their own is just not my style.

With this support session, you get to update on your customised experiments and review how things have been going. It’s also a check-in to see how and if you’re creating greater alignment in your life to your Soul desires, and also to discuss ideas for moving ahead.

Get Your Soul Portrait Now ~ US $199


An amazing self-discovery session.

Nami S., New York

I got a session with Julia because I was anxious to know what was ahead of me. But the interesting thing about it was that it was not necessarily about future predictions but learning about who I am and what I can do to accomplish things that I set out to do. After the session, she gave me an optional homework assignment for the following two weeks. During those two weeks and afterwards, I felt a push and felt more sure of myself. All in all, it was an amazing self-discovery session.

I became more self-aware and learnt what my problem areas were.

I booked a Soul Portrait reading, expecting to find out what I should do to get my wish. This objective wasn’t really met, but in turn, I got advice on other areas which were equally important, like how to improve myself. Now, I find that taking positive actions to improve myself actually made me happier than dwelling on something so specific. Julia did a good job, especially with the suggestions on actions that I could take to improve my life. I became more self-aware and learnt what my problem areas were. And also am learning how to trust myself more. The follow-up session is good. It allows us to take stock of how we have progressed after the initial session.

KH, Singapore

Much needed clarity towards my growth direction and pathway…

Thanks incredibly much for the lovely and in-depth reading. It resonates very much with my experiences and growth and provided critical insights. I’ve finally come to really understand the authentic purpose of my life lessons and most importantly, the session gave me much needed clarity towards my growth direction and pathway.

Stef N., Singapore

It highlighted the problems I had to attend to.

Even if you are a non-believer like me, you will be astonished by how her insight singles out the bad patches. I am STILL not into the hocus pocus but it highlighted the problems I had to attend to.

Edward K., Singapore

:: Even More Details + FAQ ::

For those who wish to know…

After you book your reading, you will receive an email with a link. Use the link to download your PDF. The PDF will let you know the information I require from you, as well as my Skype ID. You will also be able to book your session from a link in the PDF.

A day or two before your session, I tune in to your Akashic record, and collate the information for your Soul Portrait session. At the same time, I also perform an energetic healing for any blocks that show up. Finally, I ask your Spirit Guide team for a message, and present all this information to you during our session!

Please note:

* this is *NOT* a predictive reading.
* this is also known as a Soul Realignment™ or an Akashic Record Reading.
* current waiting time is 5-7 days.
* make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions

[toggler theme=”boxed-white” title=”@replace” inline=”yes” ghost=”yes” hover=”no” text_show=”What are your hours like?” text_hide=”I don’t have a fixed weekly schedule, but I typically start sessions between 9 AM to 8 PM Singapore time.

When the northern hemisphere’s daylight savings are in effect, it works out to something like:
– 8 AM – 7 PM in Tokyo
– 12 PM – 11 PM in Sydney
– 9 PM – 8 AM on the US East Coast
– 2 AM – 1 PM in London

You can also check the time difference here:

After you purchase your session, you’ll be able to make your appointment. The booking site will show times in your timezone (based on your computer’s settings.)” ]

[toggler theme=”boxed-white” title=”@replace” inline=”yes” ghost=”yes” hover=”no” text_show=”Can I book readings for other people?” text_hide=”Yes, you can also book readings for people who have a direct and immediate impact in your life. That means YES for your spouse, your live-in partner, your children, NO for everyone else. You’ll need to get their permission to order a reading for them.

Rule of thumb: if you are not close enough to them to ask for their birth-time, you are not close enough to get a reading for them.” ]

[toggler theme=”boxed-white” title=”@replace” inline=”yes” ghost=”yes” hover=”no” text_show=”What’s the difference between Soul / Astrology / Tarot readings?” text_hide=”We are all travellers – a Soul reading is our map, Astrology is our vehicle, and Tarot represents the roads.

A Soul Portrait reading gives you your Big Picture Story. It provides insight into why you have certain experiences, and also how you can work with your innate strengths and talents to bring greater alignment into your life. I also investigate energetic obstacles and do a healing to help you clear them. Soul readings do not offer you guidance about specific situations, nor timing advice. Just like a map, it shows you all the possible places you can go, and your options for getting there, but it doesn’t tell you about the actual weather at the place.
Best for: knowing the Big Whys; blasting obstacles that show up over and over (and you have no idea why); bringing greater flow/ease into your life.

Astrology Readings are more structured. It’s about how you bring your potential into the world, and how that relates to, and interacts with different areas/people in your life. It can look at event timing and external influences. In the travelling analogy, Astrology asks, are you travelling by car, by train, by plane? What kind of traveller are you? How will you interact with your environment and the people in it? And if you want to plan your travel in advance, what’s the weather forecast?
Best for: increasing self-awareness; knowing how your energy interacts with others’; learning how to deal with incoming planetary energies

A Tarot Reading is the most specific and short-term tool. It’s good for investigating options because it looks at the energies around a specific situation, and the internal and external influences acting on it. It’s also a good tool for connecting with your Guides for hints and clues. So in terms of planning your travel, Tarot would be the bit where you look at the different ways you can get to the next town (and just the next town!) and the concrete factors you’ll want to consider.
Best for: getting a short-term overview for your life or certain life areas; exploring the energy surrounding a specific situation.” ]

If you have other questions, pop me a mail here: julia [at] I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Get Your Soul Portrait Now ~ US $199