Mercury Retrograde – The Basics

What is Mercury Retrograde? Mercury: the planet in charge of communications, travel, electronics, technology. In your birth chart, it’s all about your mind and how you communicate. Retrograde: planets are referred to as being in direct motion when they are on their regular course. When a planet … [Read more...]

Cirque du Soleil & the Tarot

If you've seen any of the Cirque Du Soleil shows before, you'd know that they're always a gorgeous explosion of dreams and fantasies, expressed through a combination of magical + haunting + fun music, and some truly amazing athleticism. If they did the Olympics like this, I'd watch it every … [Read more...]

Postcards from the Universe

Last night I had a coaching session with ze wonderful Miss Michelle Ward, and we talked about writing, messages, opinions and soapboxes... Amazeballs as usual ♥ Better still, it made me think of an old friend. We met when I was the executive assistant at a documentary production house in … [Read more...]

Lunar Power

With 2013 around the corner, have you been thinking about your resolutions for next year? Or do you say, "New year resolutions?! Puh-leaaaase! They never work." I know it's cheating but I've got a foot in each camp. Part of me loves the Brand New, Shiny, Clean Slate Feeling. Don't you? You … [Read more...]

Hello, world.

*peeks out* I've been wondering struggling for a while with what to post first, the kind of tone I want to set, and seriously trying to plan things out. Over-thinking it obviously, and so very Not Me. Was talking to one of my besties, and this came up. I *had to* make it! Perfect timing... … [Read more...]