How to Ask For Signs

Since we've covered what's not a sign, how signs show up, and wake up missives, we can now finally define what signs are, and how to ask for them. Here's my current definition: “Signs are random happenings that carry obvious, deeper meanings which make sense only to me, in the context of my … [Read more...]

Signs & Wake Up Missives

Did you ever have times when you hadn't the vaguest idea what options you had? Even when those options were staring at you right in the face. Or you got into a state where you weren't even thinking of getting out of it. You lacked trust in yourself, doubted your intuition, and may have even shut it … [Read more...]

Signs & Decisions

When you know what you want, and aren’t afraid to take the next step, you probably don’t need any signs to urge you forward. The first time I read the line, "Leap, and the net will appear" in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, I was, stunned, is probably the right word. Wow, people do that?! Cos up … [Read more...]

It’s a Sign! (Not)

A few years back, cycling kept coming up in my conversations with my students. I thought, "Aha! A sign to add something new to my life. Who knows where this could go." The thing is, I can(?) cycle... badly. The thought of cycling on the street with all those vehicles - scary! But in the name of … [Read more...]

Our Ultimate Purpose

Yakushima is a beautiful island in the south of Japan, famous for the "Jomon-sugi", an ancient Cedar tree from the Jomon period. It's somewhere between 2,000 to 7,000 years old, and is what the Japanese call a "power spot". Power spots are places where spiritual energy is supposed to be accumulated, … [Read more...]