Setting Intentions: Essence

Be, Do, Breathe by Satchel & Sage Here's Part 3 in the 6-part "Setting Intentions" series. (Start here.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Identify the energy behind the intention Why: Having clarity about the energy you want in your life means you … [Read more...]

Setting Intentions: Surprise!~

Surprise Tiger Card by drawnbylucysmith This is Part 2 in the 6-part "Setting Intentions" series. (Start here.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you feel really stuck figuring out exactly what you want, consider leaving it to the Universe. This … [Read more...]

Setting Intentions: Be Specific

There is absolutely a place and time for setting goals, but if/when you find setting goals a pain in the butt, digging a little deeper to find the intention behind the goal can help by bringing more meaning to it. Think of the Universe as an amazing, powerful Delivery-Only Restaurant. It’s a … [Read more...]

Protected: How to Set Intentions

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How to Choose A Reader / Reading

Many of my clients are first-timers in the world of astrology, tarot and soul readings and I'm extremely grateful that they took a leap of faith to work with me. A number of them shared that when they started exploring this realm, it was confusing (so much jargon!), somewhat scary (I don't want to … [Read more...]