Setting Intentions: Set it Free!


Release by belleandboo

Here’s the last part of the “Setting Intentions” series. (Start here.)


Release your order.

Why: If you don’t let go, you haven’t placed your order!

When you place your order at a restaurant, you let the kitchen take care of it, right? You don’t follow the staff into the kitchen and watch them prepare your meal. Everything gets done for you while you enjoy yourself and chat with your companions. And later, voila~ your meal appears :)

You’ve probably heard about people doing at least one or more of these following things:

  • write a list of very specific requirements for their other half, then ending up with someone who matched most of the items on the list
  • not thinking about being in a relationship, and then meeting a special someone
  • create a vision board, and one day they are living that board
  • write something in their diary as a kid, and then when they grow up, it really happens

These examples are contradictory – some people had a general vision, others were very specific, some didn’t even consider themselves to be in the game. So how did that all happen?

The common thread is, they had an intention, and at some point, they set it free. Their intentions were released, the energy put out there, and they got on with their life while it was all falling into place.

In a way, they kind of “forgot” their intention – it became more a subconscious thing, than an active thing they STRIVED for. This is why Guidelines #1 and #2 can be true at the same time.

Take note: You can set as many intentions as you like, but revisiting the same intentions repeatedly, especially in a short period of time, won’t help you make things happen faster.

Try this: Imagine placing your intention in an envelope, or a white ball of light, and then sending it out into the Universe. Then get back with whatever you were doing :)

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