Setting Intentions: It’s about YOU.


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Here’s Part 5 in the 6-part “Setting Intentions” series. (Start here.)


Order only for yourself.

Why: You can only control your own life. You can’t control what other people do, say or think. Don’t presume you know what they want either.

The reasoning behind this is simple. You’d probably not like it if someone else decided what you should or should not eat. Even when it is well-intentioned.

Honour your right to choose, and respect others’ free will.

This means not setting intentions like, “I want my boss to stop giving me last minute assignments.” or “I want my boyfriend to treat me with more respect.”

The only way to actively deal with things like this is to actually talk to them about it, because setting intentions cannot change other people or how they behave.

Instead, flip the intentions. Consider how you would like the situation to change, and the energy that you want to bring to the situation. For example, ask for the strength to have a talk with your boss/boyfriend about these issues. Or ask for the opportunities to have a discussion. Intentions are *always* about you.

Take note: Even when we feel that our intention for someone else is “for their own good”, we have no right. They have to want it themselves. How would you like it if someone else made an intention for you that you didn’t really want? So my favourite thing is to send them good vibes, which to tell the truth, they can get themselves, but it feels like a nice thing to do :)

Try this: Decide to catch thoughts like, “I wish X would (not) do Y”, and set your intention by selecting the energy you want to bring into the situation.

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