Setting Intentions: Surprise!~

Surprise Tiger Card

Surprise Tiger Card by drawnbylucysmith

This is Part 2 in the 6-part “Setting Intentions” series. (Start here.)
When you feel really stuck figuring out exactly what you want, consider leaving it to the Universe. This means…

Be open to surprises

Why: What we ask for, doesn’t necessarily come in the form we expect it to.

It’s a little like going to a restaurant you like, and saying, “I want to eat healthily but I don’t know what’s good and healthy here, I’ll leave it to you to pick something”, and deciding to accept whatever the chef serves. You may or may not like it, but you’ll have a better idea of which healthy dish you enjoy the next time.

So, if you have certain expectations of what your wish looks like, release those expectations. You could be pleasantly surprised.

There are also times when you actually want to to leave your request a bit more open-ended (Yes, a complete contradiction of #1). When you really have no idea what you truly want, are open to new things, and are willing to take small risks, try setting your intentions in terms of “opportunities”.

For example, if you’re looking for a new job, “Please send me opportunities for a new job, in the highest good of all.”

“Opportunities” because it gives options (you’ve never met anyone so afraid of not having options). Some people might just want to outright ask for a new job. It’s totally up to you, your preferences and the situation you’re in.

“In the highest good of all” – it’s like a safety net for me – it lets me feel I have permission, and that I’m not being selfish.

Over time, you will gain clarity around what you truly want, and be able to set clear and specific intentions.

Take note: There’s no guarantee of a pleasant experience when you set your intentions. Life lessons and challenges can surface as part of fulfilling your intentions. It is only *after* the experience, and you have reflected on it, that you’ll be in a better place.

Try this: To get comfortable setting this kind of intentions, practice using it in small ways in daily life situations where you feel safe to experiment, e.g. set an intention for learning/enjoyment/awareness, then go to the cinema and watch whatever is available next. Or set an intention to have new perspectives, then go to the bus-stop and take whatever bus arrives next. Be open, and be observant.

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