Setting Intentions: Be Specific

be specific about your intentions

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There is absolutely a place and time for setting goals, but if/when you find setting goals a pain in the butt, digging a little deeper to find the intention behind the goal can help by bringing more meaning to it.

Think of the Universe as an amazing, powerful Delivery-Only Restaurant. It’s a restaurant that produces delicious, soul-nourishing food, and it can deliver whatever you order.

Here’s #1 in this 6-part series. (Catch up on the other tips here: Surprise!, Essence, Size Matters, It’s about YOU, Set it Free.)

Be very specific with your order.

Why: The more you know what you want, the easier it is to deliver your order.

When you order food in a restaurant, you talk about the dishes you want, and if you have any specific instructions regarding how you want them prepared, you also mention it.

Imagine what a headache the staff and the kitchen would have if you told them all the things you didn’t want instead. Same concept for setting intentions.

Describe what that looks like to you – one person’s medium is another person’s medium rare – especially when it is something intangible.

  • What would your life look like if you had this in your life?
  • How would you feel when you have this in your life?

Talk about what it IS, rather than what it is not. This is not about positive affirmations, or the Law of Attraction. It is about FOCUS.

Take note: These questions are important because they help you clarify your intentions. Sometimes what we think we want, is not really what we want. Be honest with yourself. And be careful what you wish for ;)

Try this: Take 5 minutes or as much time as you like to consider those questions. Get yourself some quiet space and time to ponder. OR decide to think about those questions through your day and let your mind wander.

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