How to Choose A Reader / Reading

Many of my clients are first-timers in the world of astrology, tarot and soul readings and I’m extremely grateful that they took a leap of faith to work with me. A number of them shared that when they started exploring this realm, it was confusing (so much jargon!), somewhat scary (I don’t want to be scammed) and weird (hmm, am I’m comfortable talking to a complete stranger about my personal stuff?!).

So here are a few things to consider before you buy a reading:

1. Are you ready?

No matter how amazing or powerful or in-depth a reading is supposed to be, if you’re not in a state of receptivity, it cannot serve you well.

This DOES NOT mean that:
– you accept everything you hear
– you don’t question what you hear
– you do whatever the reader says

It means the doors to your heart and mind are slightly ajar.
That you are open to possibilities.
To exploring ideas.

You know what, I cannot emphasise this enough:

Readings are TOOLS.

They are methods of gathering information for CONSIDERATION and ANALYSIS.
They do NOT EVER tell you HOW to walk Your Path.
They offer you starting points. (Okay, I’ll let up on the caps now :P)

It doesn’t have to be a 100% ‘yes’, but if you can’t muster a ‘probably’ or ‘possibly’ to this question, you can pretty much skip the rest of the questions.

2. Does the reader resonate with you?

When you visit the reader’s website, read what they write, does it click with you?

Do you like the way things are presented? Do you like the style and tone of the writing?

Does it make you go, “Mm, there’s something interesting I could explore here”?

If you don’t understand what they write, or what they are trying to say, it is not that you lack the knowledge. It’s not your area, you’re not expected to know! Find someone you find easy to understand.

If somehow, for whatever reason, logical or not, they make you wrinkle your nose, furrow your brows, or throw up a little, move on. You’re not a good fit. At least not right now.

Whatever it is, absolutely, 100% trust your gut feeling on this.

3. Choose a suitable reading.

What do you want from your reading?

Do you have something specific to ask? Something you want to work on?

Is there a special occasion? Or is it life in general?

As I’d mentioned, readings are tools. How effective a tool is, depends on how it is used. No one uses a hammer to crack open an egg, know what I mean?

My personal take:

  • Akashic Record readings – for a high level overview of who you are and your life (e.g. soul purpose, innate gifts, life lessons), investigating energetic blocks in general or for specific situations (you’ve tried all the logical/obvious things and nothing seems to work)
  • Birth/Natal charts – for greater self-awareness in more concrete terms (e.g. what nurtures/drives/annoys you, your communication style etc)
  • Solar Return charts – to look at the birthday year ahead (best done a month or two before your next birthday)
  • Relationship/Synastry charts – to understand the energetic flow between two people and the energy of the relationship itself
  • Timing charts – to find good/suitable timings, usually for a good start
  • Tarot readings – to get a general overview for a period of time, to explore options for a specific situation, to look at the energy flow between people or in a situation for that point in time

That’s about all the different situations I can think of at the moment. Leave a comment if you have any questions! :)

What about you? What do you look out for when you’re looking for a reader?

Share your thoughts below!