How to Ask For Signs

Since we’ve covered what’s not a sign, how signs show up, and wake up missives, we can now finally define what signs are, and how to ask for them.

Here’s my current definition:

“Signs are random happenings that carry obvious, deeper meanings which make sense only to me, in the context of my life experiences, or in relation to my questions / challenges / intentions at that particular point in time.”

What a mouthful, right? But this definition makes it easier for me to quickly decide if something was a sign. What would *your* definition be? Tweak this, or experiment and see what works for you.

Ask for A Sign

I used say, “I need a sign!”, then feel really disappointed (and silly) cos nothing would happen. Strangely, now that I’ve figured it out, I say it a lot less.

Two reasons – first, I decided to trust myself more, instead of waiting for some sign. Secondly, if I truly am in a dilemma, I get proactive and ask for the signs.

The important bit lies in HOW you ask for the signs.

By the way, before we get into it…

The point of learning how to recognise, and ask for signs, is not about focusing on signs, or waiting for them, or looking out for them anywhere and everywhere. This is simply another tool for us to use in our lives.

And even when you do get a sign, you have to do something about it! I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but a sign is not a magic bullet ;) Anyway, have fun experimenting with this!

1. What is the sign you want to see/hear/experience?

This is your event marker.

The more familiar you are with the specific symbols that show up in your life, the easier it is to decide. For me, it’s been the fox, the crow/raven and the moth. Even if you don’t have any in mind, just randomly decide on something you don’t usually come across in your daily life, and assign it.

2. When do you want to see it by?

This is your deadline.

The shorter the better. I usually give it 24 hours or till the end of the day, whichever feels right. Having a deadline gives you a cut-off point to stop looking out for the sign. And if you get the sign within that time, you get to feel completely awed by the Universe.

3. Use a statement like this:

If (action) is in the highest good of all, please let me see, hear, or somehow experience (event marker(s)) before (deadline).

Play with different permutations of your request. Go with what feels right.

4. Finally, release your request to the Universe / God / Source.

Go do something else, run errands, whatever, the main thing is to get on with your life. Not releasing your request is like deciding what you want to eat, but keeping it a secret from the waiter, and then wondering what happened to your order.

5. Release your expectations

The biggest thing that stops people from recognising signs, is when they hold certain expectations around it.

If you remember the scene in The Matrix where a cat walks by. It kind of goes “bzzzzt”, and then a similar-looking one walks by again. Trinity says it’s “a glitch in the Matrix”.

The glitch in the Matrix, is exactly what you’re looking for. The little something that cuts through the noise, breaks into your consciousness, and grabs your attention.

It’s the thing that makes you go, “Hm, that was a little odd. What *was* that?”

Signs are subtle. They whisper. They brush pass you in the crowd. They tap you on the shoulder and run off. It’s UP TO YOU to be paying attention.

The movies have led us to expect that signs, our purpose, our calling, whatever, make their appearance in big, dramatic ways. But it’s the movies, and it’s called dramatization. Show business is about being larger than life. Entertain, or the audience snoozes.

In our lives, however, there is no big booming external voice, no swelling score, no giant red arrows, no spotlights pointing to the situation going, “THIS IS A SIGN!”

That comes from paying attention. To all your internal and external worlds.

Granted, there are sometimes big, dramatic signs, but those tend to be be Wake-Up Missives, and personally, I’d prefer not to let things get to that point ;)

So try asking for a sign and let me know how it goes. Do you have your own method for asking for signs?

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