Signs & Wake Up Missives

Align to your innermost desires and start now

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Did you ever have times when you hadn’t the vaguest idea what options you had? Even when those options were staring at you right in the face. Or you got into a state where you weren’t even thinking of getting out of it. You lacked trust in yourself, doubted your intuition, and may have even shut it down.

I definitely did, and it became difficult to spot signs, even when they were showing up. It was also tough because I wasn’t the asking type (meaning making requests to the Universe, praying etc).

Wake Up! Missives

Luckily for us, the Universe doesn’t give up on us, and sends “Wake Up!” Missives when we really need them. These Missives are like an emergency alert system – something in your life goes, “HEY, pay attention!”

Wake-up Missives can be a bit of a shock to say the least. What I’d experienced was closer to, “Wake Up Your F❤❤❤ing Idea!” as we say in Singlish (one of my favourite expressions!). These Missives usually came when I was:

  • being on auto-pilot and not being the conscious driver of my life
  • staying in my comfort zone even though I was unhappy
  • making unhappy compromises or settlements
  • being in denial about what I really wanted


A little story…

A loooong time ago, I worked in an Internet company, and it was hard work, but I’d reached a point where I loved most of my colleagues, I knew what I needed to do, and the workload had finally become manageable.

Except, my heart simply wasn’t in it.

Every day, I day-dreamt about going back to film & TV, OR going to Japan. Thing is, both options didn’t make any logical sense. The first offered less pay and longer hours. The second, I didn’t even know what I would do in Japan!

Still, I convinced myself I’d stay in it… build a nestegg and then pursue one or both of those things. It’s what smart people do, right?

Or so I thought, until I got a Wake-Up! Missive. By the way, these Missives are like Howlers in Harry Potter – ignore them for too long, and they go berserk on you.

One of the benefits of being an avid journaller, you get to look back. One day:

I saw a cab coming out the wrong way from Kent Road. ARGHS! This must be a sign! But, sign of what? That my current life is going in the wrong direction? That my thoughts are going in the wrong direction? What?!!? I so do not get it… tho’ it’ll probably be blindingly clear in hindsight.

Three days later:

I saw another car going in the wrong direction on a one-way street last night!!!! Immediately after I left work. Jeez. It almost caused an accident! This seriously must be some sort of sign… I have to do my cards tonight! :(


Flash forward…

Six months later, I quit my job, with nothing proper lined up (not saying this is for everyone, it’s important to do things *your* way), went on a roller-coaster of film/TV jobs.

In the span of 20 months, I moved from Singapore to Hong Kong (and back), travelled to Cannes on business (one of my dreams!), worked on several film projects, where I discovered both Absolute Heaven and Absolute Hell.

It was a very unsettling time, the highs and lows were extreme. Very stressful for me – I’m always telling the Universe: drama-free life, please.

This crazy period ended with me falling really ill, getting stuck in bed for a week (very bad by my usual standard of health), and nursing a broken heart to boot. NOT what I had expected when I chose to follow my Wake Up Missive.

At that point, the only thing I was sure of – even though I was doing something I supposedly loved, what I was doing didn’t really align to the life I wanted.

Somewhere along the way, I had surrendered myself and what I wanted, to pursue this dream. Hence, sick and broken-hearted. Time to find ANOTHER way.

After I recovered, I found a job that I stayed in for more than 3 years (LONG for me). Sure, there were difficult times in between when I occasionally considered homicide ;) but this job gave me the opportunity to travel to some major film festivals & markets (another dream), and I also met several beautiful souls I’m lucky to call my friends now. It also laid the foundation to make my Japan dream come true. (Yay!~)

Clearly, Wake Up Missives don’t guarantee a smooth ride, but you’re definitely going to get a lot out of them. It was an intense period of lessons and insights, and am so grateful for having gone through it. Not funny at that time though!


The lesson…

My Missives showed up when I was in a fear-based state for too long but they were ultimately only a catalyst for changes. I still had to do the work, but recognising the wake-up call made me start thinking about what I wanted and valued.

And that’s all you need.

Wherever you are right now, is the perfect starting point. The further away you live from your innermost desires, the less the Universe is able to conspire with you to create what you want.

If you feel completely out of touch with your intuition, it can feel difficult to start your explorations.

Try this: Take baby steps, and start re-connecting with the Universe. Start a dialogue with your Guides (speak it out loud, write, pay more attention etc), and ask for assistance. Keep your senses on alert for anything that comes up. Wake Up! Missives won’t be too difficult to notice because they are by nature surprising/shocking ;)

Did you ever get out-of-the-blue and weird incidents that you realise now were signs/wake up missives? What impact did they have on you? What was happening in your life at that time? I’d love to hear about it!

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