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When you know what you want, and aren’t afraid to take the next step, you probably don’t need any signs to urge you forward. The first time I read the line, “Leap, and the net will appear” in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, I was, stunned, is probably the right word. Wow, people do that?! Cos up till then, I’d mostly been very afraid to leap. I still am, occasionally, but it’s easier now ;)

The times in my life when I most wanted some signs were probably when I was in a dilemma about something. Perhaps that’s why I feel that signs tend to show up at different stages of the decision-making process.

Fear of Taking the Leap

When you’re having trouble deciding because you actually know deep down what you want, but it’s scary to take the leap, especially if there’s no way you can convince yourself with logic, and it seems illogical… this is the time to look out for subtle signs in your everyday life.

My own Soul Portrait session resonated deeply with me, so I was interested in learning more about it, but when the Practitioners course opened up, I was hesitant about signing up. There’s no obvious practical use for it, and on top of that, it was a big financial commitment. As you can imagine, all my self-doubts promptly kicked in as well.

Deep down, I badly wanted to do it. So I told the Universe, “If it was meant to be, I’d receive a sign before registration closed.” At that time, I was still a full-time English instructor, and the next day, one of my favourite students resurfaced after 3 weeks of absence, wearing a new silver bracelet. I noticed the words “Life is a journey… ” engraved on it, and couldn’t contain my curiosity about it. It turned out that the full engraving was “Life is a journey toward the guiding light.” *goosebumps!*

>>> Get curious, pay attention.


Too Many Options

This is when you have a buffet of options, and you can’t decide because you want it all. (It’s kind of a nice problem to have, no?)

You get signs, but they don’t seem to support any particular option. Instead, they sometimes support ALL the options. These made me think, “Oh, the Universe is testing me.” Completely untrue! I even used to complain, “Dear Universe, you’re not helping!” It was *forever* before I learnt what was going on.

When you’re actively exploring options, and saying “I want to do this!”, “Oh and this!”, “And this too!”, and then taking action on every single option, you’re saying to the Universe that these are all the things you want. As a result, the signs/synchronicities for ALL of them appear, because the Universe is just delivering your order.

There are times when being in this mode is great – as long as you’re comfortable and happy juggling the different paths. Stay open to the different signs and synchronicities that come your way. Enjoy them!

However, when you feel overwhelmed by the options, and you actually *want* to choose a path, narrow things down temporarily. At this point, it’s not even about the signs anymore.

Give yourself the permission and energy to pursue each option for a period of time. It can be for a day, half a day, or one week, whatever suits the situation. Tell yourself (and the Universe) all the other options are “on hold”.

Observe and look within as you experiment with each temporary choice. You could find it’s not what you expected, or that you’re really dealing with a fear of leaping – the multiple options are just egoic smokescreen. You may discover the ONE thing you want more than anything else. OR you may realise that you’re actually happy not to decide at the moment, and it was some external “should” making you think you need to choose!

It can be hard to close the door on some things (it’s a struggle for me), but saying ‘no’, or even ‘not now’, can bring you clarity. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide. There are multiple ways to get to our destinations – picking one way doesn’t mean that the other options are automatically cancelled out.

>>> Do the options you *love*
+ Look within and trust yourself.


I’m Committed!

These signs are the easy and fun ones. They show up and support your decision, in the form of synchronistic meetings, introductions, things falling into place. They make you go, “I knew it!” You feel the Universe giving you a high five and saying, “Hey, nice job, keep going!” They are usually pretty obvious, and you feel like you’re really in the flow and there’s wonderful momentum to it all.

That’s not to say everything is always smooth or goes perfectly, but you generally have a sense that you’re on Your Path and you chug along at your own pace in spite of any doubts and insecurities, and take the next step.

>>> Enjoy the high five!

Try this:

To learn about how signs work in your life, take a trip down memory lane. Think of times when:

1. Things were flowing smoothly – go back to the decision points (and before) that led to them. Recall especially those decisions that were 50/50. You feel, “I’m so glad I decided to ____ because if not, I wouldn’t have _____.”

2. On paper, something looked perfectly good and logical and made total sense, but somehow you chose not to go that way. Now, you think, “I’m so happy I didn’t ______ because look how that turned out!”

In those situations, were there any moments or incidents that tipped you over into pursuing those opportunities (or giving them up)? What was your state of mind? How were you feeling? Were there any particular symbols?

With this exercise, we’re looking out for any particular symbols and patterns that tend to show up in your life. Let these questions stew for a bit, and see if anything pops up. If not, it’s completely okay too. It’s never too late to start noticing. What came up for you? :)

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