Postcards from the Universe

Last night I had a coaching session with ze wonderful Miss Michelle Ward, and we talked about writing, messages, opinions and soapboxes… Amazeballs as usual ♥ Better still, it made me think of an old friend.

We met when I was the executive assistant at a documentary production house in Hong Kong. Working as a freelancer in production, I always got to meet amazing people (that’s to make up for the more than fair share of nut cases and egomaniacs in the industry), but then we always had to say goodbye, and often quickly. Classic ships passing in the night.

Of course, you could get on each others’ Facebook to keep in touch but it didn’t really exist back then. And call me old-fashioned, but there’s nothing better than a good face-to-face catch-up or a nice chat on the phone/Skype. Plus, nothing compares to the time you spend waiting around on set… those stretches of time when you’re sitting around, waiting for your bit to kick in, that’s when you get to know people and learn so much from them, and about them. Oops. Gone off-tangent.

Anyway, it was always insanely busy, so we didn’t have many chances to hang out. Maybe twice? Once for dinner and once when he visited Singapore. We haven’t been in touch for almost ten years, much less seen each other, but a couple of things he said to me still ring in my mind to this day.

Over dinner, while I was lamenting over the lack of career/love prospects (okay, I can’t actually remember but this sounds ’bout right), he said, “Julia, you have to put down roots somewhere if you ever want to grow or develop anything.” (Location independent career wasn’t really a concept at that time.)

Obviously, that doesn’t apply to everyone, but in view of my semi-itinerant lifestyle up to that point – moving countries 4 times in 8 years, and let’s not even talk about my job history – you’ve gotta admit he had a point. But I wasn’t ready to understand that message at that point.

But those words stuck. Every now and then, they would resurface. For the longest time, I wondered, why, of all the things that people have said, this kept coming back.

Over the years, I started to see what my friend meant and its relevance to my life. But it was only nine years, numerous false starts and two psychics later, that I finally, truly Got The Message. The thing is, I’ve always been commitment phobic, stubbornly resisting anything that will “lock me down” (my perception) because I’m terrified that I won’t be able to change things.

I realised roots were exactly The Tool I needed to deal with this irrational fear. Besides, since I’m so good at doing change (I hear some ask, is that really a good thing? Yes it is ;)), I was already blessed with the Tool for getting out if I felt stuck.

Most importantly, I had reached a point where roots were where I needed to start, in order to create the next stage of my life. Even when something is Your Truth, it may need Time/Life to Percolate (don’t you love that word!). Even when you understand the message on a mental level, only when you’ve reached a certain point, will it all make sense and you will just KNOW the truth of the message in your bones.

Without his message at that time, I might never have reached this conclusion. As far as I can remember, no one else has ever said anything about putting down roots to me. Or at least not framed in a way that I was able to receive the message. Which is why I’ve come to think of that encounter as one with my Guide Team.

That encounter taught me to keep my ears, eyes and heart open and receptive, because the Universe, our spirit guides (or guardian angels, if you like) sometimes speak to us through other people (and vice versa).

Even though we are no longer in each others’ lives, I’m extremely grateful to him, and completely in awe of how the threads have unravelled. Don’t you think messages sometimes come through the most unexpected sources?

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