Lunar Power

With 2013 around the corner, have you been thinking about your resolutions for next year? Or do you say, “New year resolutions?! Puh-leaaaase! They never work.”

I know it’s cheating but I’ve got a foot in each camp.

Part of me loves the Brand New, Shiny, Clean Slate Feeling. Don’t you? You know what it feels like. Pick up one of those schedule books when you pop by a stationery or book shop and flip through the pages. Ooh, the potential of a fresh start ♥ How exciting!~ Let’s think of some resolutions now! Right? Lol.

Another part of me is jaded by the whole idea of resolutions. I couldn’t tell you a single New Year resolution I saw through the year if you had a gun to my head.

Of course, when I think about it, the significant changes I had created in my life had absolutely nothing to do with the New Year. Because the truth is, we can get that Brand New Shiny Feeling any time. It’s always there. We just need to remember to tap into it.

And if you want to do something, is there really a need to wait till the start of a brand new year? Perhaps it’s a bonus to begin at the start of a new year, easier to keep count for one thing, but why be locked in by traditions and measures of time? Any time is a good time to start and it’s probably easiest and most natural to use the weeks and months for starting points.

New Moon Magic

My favourite time to start on something though, is at the New Moon. The lunar phases are a big thing in Astrology and each phase has different associations. I love them cos they make me feel so in sync with the rhythms and pulses of the Universe.

Stop and listen sometimes. Can you feel it? :)

Put simply, the New Moon is for starting things. For planting the seeds. For setting intentions*.

And isn’t that wonderful? Just think about it, every 28 days or so, the Universe gives us a chance to take out a New Slate and start something. Or re-start something.

So, decide on an intention for the month ahead, and think of 1-3 very simple actions that you can do that will help you with your intention. Or a few guidelines that will bring you into better alignment with your intention. Then start doing your actions/guidelines from the New Moon onwards.

Remember, setting intentions without follow-up actions don’t get you anywhere. You have to meet the Universe half way, know what I mean? ;)

So mark your calendars for this coming Thursday, 13 December. The last new moon of the year kicks in at 4:42pm (SG)#. Send out your intentions to the Universe then. No, you don’t have to get super exact with the timing.

Think about it, if you start something at this New Moon, what milestone could you be hitting by the next one? Get a head start now~

* ‘Intention’ instead of ‘resolution’ cos ‘intention’ feels more energetically aligned, and ‘resolution’ for me feels like a lot of Willpower, which I’m in short supply of. Go with whatever works for you.
# 12:42 am (LA), 3:42 am (NYC), 5:42 pm (Tokyo)

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